Visibility of accurate object locations delivers process quality and productivity

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS variSys is a semi-passive RFID based solution for accurate identification of vehicles on the assembly line. The variSys identification platform eliminates downtime, efficiently enhances productivity and provides production stage information, with best-in-class communication reliability and unparalleled product life cycle of 10 years or more.

variSys® RFID System

Smart Factory RFID

For simple integration into the automation architectures, variSys offers the industry standard Profi bus, Ethernet, and Profi Net, all in accordance to the established AIDA standard. Corresponding PLC function blocks, enable easy implementation. Rugged industrial design of the control units make the system ideally suited for welding areas and paint shops. The system is designed to last and even withstands extreme temperatures of up to 235 degrees Celsius without performance loss.

The variSys® story in a nutshell

  • Incorporates more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry with more than 4000 readers and over 125.000 transponders installed
  • Versatile platform with a broad spectrum of interfaces
  • Modular scalable system, includes compact readers and systems with remote antennas
  • Robust transponders with high data capacity which withstand temperatures up to 235°C
  • icon-check Minimises downtime through high reliability of read and write cycles - even in fast processes
  • icon-check Enhanced productivity through visibility
  • icon-check Improved quality through real time identification of incidents
  • icon-check Lower total costs of ownership compared to others solution on the market