IDENTEC SOLUTIONS secures new project in Latin America for DP World Callao

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has won a contract to install its reefer monitoring system at DP World’s terminal in Callao, Peru. This allows for an automated management of the entire reefer container process with a modern system architecture.

DP World is one of the world’s largest port operators and manages 78 terminals in several countries, thereby adding great value to the global supply chain. While DP World helps move cargo to and from thousands of destinations around the world, their terminal in Callao alone is handling around 1.2M TEU annually, which includes 65,000 to 75,000 reefer containers. An impressive number which, as Peru develops its reefer ports, is expected to grow. To manage the increasing reefer traffic, DP World has opted to install a remote reefer monitoring system and therefor selected IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ CTAS Reefer. With its process-centric approach, the solution handles the specific requirements of refrigerated containers without human interference.

A robust wireless monitoring system

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ robust CTAS system is designed to work wirelessly with a monitoring unit that connects to the reefer container serial port and can send data through RFID and WiFi networks. The ability to install and connect the hardware wirelessly was a deciding factor for DP World Callao. This allows for a relatively quick installation, without requiring additional cabling or electrical infrastructure. With a two-way connection to the reefer controller, users can monitor temperature, adjust set points, perform automated pre-trip inspections (PTIs) and download data logs remotely. The automated solution enables the handling of entire processes while the container is in the terminal’s care. Each reefer tag is connected to the system independently, so a single tag failure or problem at one container does not affect other containers.

© IDENTEC SOLUTIONS A magnetically fixed tag produces an automatic
link with the container´s controller


Navis Ready – A new way to manage your reefer containers

The Callao terminal relies on the Navis N4 container terminal operating system (TOS), so it should come as no surprise that the Navis Ready-validated solution was chosen. The wireless remote monitoring and control system interfaces directly with the TOS, with no additional modifications required. Julian Galvis, VP Sales for Marine and Ports at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, notes that Navis has kept the interface of monitoring systems consistent over different versions of N4. Hence, integration with N4 enables DP World Callao to manage the reefer monitoring process from its TOS.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS continues to improve

Terminal operators show growing interest in measuring power consumption across the whole cold chain and to generate data on the energy usage of different brand reefers in particular. Due to this, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has recently added an energy measuring software to CTAS and is continuing to improve the accuracy of the solution with different brand reefers.

Reefer monitoring is a growth market, and Galvis said IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has additional projects in the pipeline, including an installation at a terminal on the US East Coast. As well as automating the monitoring process. He added that terminals are looking for automated access to reefer data, which is required for regulatory compliance in the US, and CTAS can provide a download of the trip data that is needed.



IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG was founded in Lustenau, Austria, in 1999 and is a global provider of wireless solutions guaranteeing visibility to improve safety, efficiency, as well as security in harsh industrial operating environments. Sector-specific applications based on robust radio technology and application software are in use in Oil & Gas, Marine & Ports, Mining & Tunneling, as well as Automotive and the Industry 4.0 market. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is headquartered in Austria and has regional offices in Australia, the USA, Norway and Germany.

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