Two technology companies joining forces to revolutionize refrigerated container management. akquinet and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS are now partners.

akquinet and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS are two global companies that have long been successful players in the container terminal automation sector. Joining forces to provide terminal operators with innovative complete solutions for effective process execution is the logical next step.

Partnering with Real-Time Business Solutions from Sydney, Australia, akquinet’s portfolio boasts the first cloud-based Terminal Operating System (TOS), TOPS Expert Cloud. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS provided the counterpart to this with the development of CTAS Reefer, the state-of-the-art, wireless refrigerated container monitoring system. The partnership enables the connection of CTAS Reefer to akquinet’s Data Analytics module, opening up a range of new opportunities in refrigerated container management.

Digitization has long become commonplace, and container ports are no different. The continual growth in the global movement of goods demands ever more sophisticated technology to ensure the effective execution of operational business processes. A faultless, functioning supply chain is critical for the transport of refrigerated containers – known in the trade as “reefers”. Substantial amounts of foodstuffs and merchandise are transported, and any loss can cause direct or indirect damage.

The solution from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS and akquinet is tailored to the requirements of terminal operators and participants along the reefer logistics chain. CTAS Reefer guarantees fully-automated, seamless refrigerated container monitoring from the arrival of the reefer, all the way to the point at which it leaves the terminal, even including the transport time when the containers are on the ships. To enable this, the containers are connected to the reefer rack with state-of-the-art transponders (hardware modules), which continually monitor the status of the container in real time and transmit this data to the CTAS server software. The system is not dependent on the type of container, supporting reefer containers from all manufacturers, regardless of their age.

 The data in question contains information about more than just the temperature. Any faults are detected immediately and the service team can intervene before any damage occurs. This represents a significant improvement in service quality, allowing resources to be implemented more effectively and eliminating errors.

A new feature is the evaluation and analysis of anonymized data from CTAS Reefer with akquinet’s Data Analytics module, in keeping with the Big Data approach. This provides a range of application opportunities: e.g.: Smart Power Management, preventive maintenance strategies, support for Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) or the operational decision about whether a reefer can still be used for the intended route and cargo.

About Akquinet

akquinet AG is an international, steadily growing IT consulting firm whose headquarters are in Hamburg, Germany. It helps companies make their IT processes faster, simpler, and more reliable across all technology platforms. Alongside the logistics industry, the company also specializes in the implementation of ERP systems and the custom development of software solutions for Java, SAP, and Microsoft. 800 specialists work in the head office and in the branches in Germany, Poland, and Austria. akquinet runs its TÜV-IT-certified computer centers in Hamburg, Itzehoe, and Norderstedt as integration enterprises. akquinet AG is an independent, privately held company.


IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG was founded in Lustenau, Austria, in 1999. Today, the company has additional offices in Australia, the US, Norway, and Germany. Over the years, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has grown into a global provider of wireless solutions, guaranteeing visibility that in turn improves efficiency, as well as safety and security in challenging industrial operating environments. IDENTEC’s sector-specific applications, based on robust RFID radio technology, are used in the oil & gas, port/terminal, tunnelling/mining, automotive, and chemical sectors.


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