CTAS Reefer

A revolutionary new approach to reefer monitoring; visibility and control at your fingertips

From fruit to fish, milk to meat, poultry to pharmaceuticals, more refrigerated container traffic is moving through more ports than ever before.

CTAS Reefer is a remote monitoring and control system covering all aspects of reefer container management within port terminals. With this process-centric approach, the system handles the specific requirements of reefer containers. Built to integrate into the IT landscape of your terminal, CTAS Reefer will become an integral part of your operations.

The system consists of hardware which when connected to the reefer, wirelessly communicates with infrastructure components that forward the data to a CTAS server, which processes and distributes the information to the client applications and the TOS.

Unique features:

  • Management of the entire process
  • Wireless communication
  • Low infrastructure footprint
  • Management of reefer containers by exception
  • Effortless alarm handling and escalation
  • Enterprise IT features
  • Certified Navis Ready for N4

Designed specifically to give container terminal operators direct control over their refrigerated container traffic, CTAS Reefer is the next generation, industry-proven, wireless reefer monitoring and control system for stack, rack and genset operations. The system goes beyond basic temperature monitoring and provides true cool container management. It handles the entire process while the container is in the terminal’s care.

Reefer Container Monitoring


Developed specifically for the challenging environments associated with remote oil platforms, supply bases, as well as mines and tunnels. Completely self-contained WATCHERSYSTEM features on and offsite emergency evacuation coordination and mustering, alarm management, situation monitoring, CCU tracking and more.

WATCHERPERSONNEL from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS delivers real-time visibility of personnel as well as assets to maximize safety, security and productivity on offshore platforms. The fully scalable and customizable WATCHERPERSONNEL system, features several integrated optional modules built on the highly dependable proprietary TrailBLAZER backbone. This system provides our clients with automated personnel safety, access control systems and workflow optimization solutions, in-line with HSE and business requirements. The solutions is built on the OLF Guidelines and “best practice” industry business cases, to enable value creation in every solution provided to our clients.

Key benefits:

  • Locating & Mustering 1000’s of Offshore personnel daily across Australia, Norway & UAE since 2008
  • Designed to meet HSE requirements for megacomplexes and multisite operations
  • Turn-key solution including CCTV, Access Control and 3rd party integration
  • Swift and efficient tracking, locating and mustering of personnel

WATCHERLOGISTICS is a comprehensive, flexible and robust system which provides essential, real-time location and status data on the CCUs. This allows businesses to maximize operational efficiency, optimize your assets, and ultimately increase your business opportunity and profitability. It features a highly visual and intuitive user interface, covering CCU logistics from end-to-end. Asset downtime is monitored and minimized, certification schedules are adhered to, and visibility is delivered in real-time. The system is fully scalable; utilizing proprietary TrailBLAZER middle-ware, it enables integration with your existing and future hardware components and software applications; including ERP integration, for seamless logistics and business management.

Key benefits:

  • Real-time business intelligence in offshore and onshore logistics
  • Turn-key asset management solution with ERP integration
  • Providing granular visibility of CCU`s and assets to improve utilization and turn-around times
  • Reduced costs, safer operations and enhanced competitiveness

CTAS Automation and Management Suite

Real-time business intelligence of actual terminal performance

Combining advanced software with the latest wireless technologies provides remote identification, location, monitoring and management.  The CTAS Automation and Management Suite from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS delivers new possibilities for accelerating and streamlining container terminal operations. Around the world, CTAS is helping the industrys’ leading container terminal operators improve productivity, efficiency and safety. With powerful proven solutions monitoring and management is happening at the gate, in the yard and on the quay.

Key features:

  • Process automation for yard, gate and quay
  • Equipment, container and workforce management
  • Fleet availability, scheduling and management
  • Safety and security for asset fleets and personnel

The CTAS Process Automation Suite connects the container and equipment movement plan, from the terminal operating system (TOS) to the actual physical execution of the operation. The CTAS Process Automation Suite is fully interfaced with all leading TOS providers. With CTAS Process Automation Suite your container movements and container inventory will always be accurate, and your equipment and workforce are always where you need them, ensuring that your plans become reality.

The CTAS Fleet Management Suite of modules track the vehicle fleet in real time, providing real-time location, status, performance and historical movement. Real-time data from vehicle telematics ensure highest equipment availability, improves scheduling and enhances the lifespan of container handling equipment. The safety and security features ensure a safe environment for your people and your equipment.


i-SHARE bridges the gap between an RFID network and an end user application. This scalable edgeware is a server application which automatically processes and filters data received from the network and passes relevant data to applications for business specific use. Customer applications may include IDENTEC systems such as Trailblazer, 3rd party system integrator applications, and other end-user specific tools.

Main benefits

  • Reduce the time to market for applications
  • Increase system uptime and stability
  • Reduce development efforts of hardware integration
  • Reduce support and maintenance costs
  • Save on hardware costs by using the same infrastructure for multiple applications

i-SHARE manages all data acquisition and has a standard interface to end-user applications. With i-SHARE there is no need to integrate at protocol and SDK level or develop separate edgeware. Simply configure the software once and, using the web-based interface, let it run with the desired applications.  i-SHARE features include the management of devices, position calculations, gate transactions, 2-way communication with RFID tags, and other sensor data. Furthermore, i-SHARE will share data with multiple applications at the same time, therefore allowing users to get the most out of their infrastructure.

Features include:

  • Scalable architecture manages multiple sites at the same time
  • Web-based front end allows easy remote access for administration and configuration
  • Simple integration
  • Graphical configuration tools
  • Sensor data processing