Visibility of complex manufacturing and logistics operations delivers the fourth industrial revolution

Driven by our customers, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has been pioneering active RFID technologies for almost two decades. With our customer-centric approach Industry 4.0 strives to continue this heritage in providing competitive advantages to large scale industrial customers.

Our Solutions

Gate Management System

Achieve up to 75% time savings by automating truck gate processes during check-in and check-out. Our active RFID based gate management solution provides the following advantages:

  • Reduced holding and waiting times at gates and checkpoints
  • Higher throughput also during peak loading times
  • Increased operational efficacy through the use of automated detection points at weighing, loading and access stations
  • Real-time visibility of truck traffic on manufacturing and logistics facility
  • Improved process quality by eliminating manual paper based procedures
Yard Management RFID

Manage thousands of widely distributed ground support equipment (GSE) which require regular inspection and maintenance. Our active RFID based GSE solution provides the following advantages:

  • Increased asset utilization by up to 40%
  • Reduced cost by elimiating search time
  • Fully compliant with mandatory inspection routines for tugs, dollies, baggage carts, etc.
  • Improved process quality by eliminating manual paper based procedures
RFID Asset Management

Manage work in progress (WiP) the way industry leaders do. Our active RFID based WiP solution provides the following advantages:

  • Track and locate items and batches
  • Real-time information on WiP levels
  • Reduced just-in-time delivery risks by proactive supply chain management
  • Reduced inventory levels and freed up cash
Indoor Outdoor Real Time Location System

Achieve up to 75% time savings by automating gate processes during check-in and check-out of contracted personnel. Our active RFID based contractor management solution provides the following advantages:

  • Ensure contractors only bill hours they actually work
  • Manage contractor certifications and permissions to access particular areas of the manufacturing or logistics facility
  • Real-time information on personnel onsite for improved safety, security and emergency management
  • Eliminate line-ups at perimeter gates by automating facility access for contractors