Visibility of underground and open pit operations delivers safety and productivity

Developed to address the complex requirements of the mining & tunneling industry, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS MOBILEMUSTERING introduces a standard safety system, that combines both flexible hardware and software, to offer real-time information at the precise moment it is required.

The safety of personnel working underground, as well as, in open pit mines are constantly being monitored and addressed by HS&E directives. Significant effort and planning is taken into account when considering possible emergency situations. Locating employees in a timely manner is crucial. A primary feature of the MOBILEMUSTERING solution is that it significantly improves personnel safety. It ensures the highly efficient handling of evacuation situations and increases safety in day-to-day operations.


Mobile Mustering Software

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS MOBILEMUSTERING increases security and improves efficiency during an emergency situation.

  • Automated headcount per mustering zone
  • Manual mustering of personnel without tag
  • Flexible mustering zone allocation
  • Simple relocation of mustering points
  • Real-time identification of missing personnel
  • Offline mode to mitigate network connectivity issues

MOBILEMUSTERING can also be used to verify registered tag information, and check if the authorized tag owner is carrying the tag.

i-PORT 350 USB –BT

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ mobile RFID reader combines long range radio frequency capabilities, with Bluetooth technology in one compact device. The widely available interface makes it the most flexible portable mobile RFID reader in the industry.

Key features:

  • ATEX Zone 1 and FCC certified
  • Bluetooth-version 3.0
  • Up to 200 meter range
  • Compatible with all Identec i-Q350 and i-B350 series products
Electronic Mustering RFID


Being developed together with industry professionals, MOBILEMUSTERING implements best practice for handling automatic mustering.

  • icon-check Real-time identification of missing personnel
  • icon-check Automatic head count
  • icon-check Visibility of location
  • icon-check Emergency status report
  • icon-check Increased efficiency during emergency drills
  • icon-check Cost efficient solution