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Crew Companion in the oil & gas industry - Meet Max and Claire

Jens Petter Haugen
Posted by Jens Petter Haugen on Feb 3, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Do you want more safety and efficiency for your crew? Crew Companion assures real time visibility onshore and offshore to keep your people safe.

Let's meet Max and Claire to learn how this works in a nutshell. 



What is so special about Crew companion? 

Crew Companion makes you work better reducing muster times up to 70% and leading to faster evacuation during an emergency.  The fully automated system is handsfree - so there will be no need for swiping or other manual actions in emergencies. Real-time data monitoring gives you control and provides you with valuable insights while you know the location of personnel on-site at any time.

Read more about how the solution works in detail 

Crew Companion makes your life easier giving you control and saving money thanks to low costs and low maintenance efforts coming by keeping your people safe.

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