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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has been granted the Ecoprofit certificate

Anna Sutter
Posted by Anna Sutter on Apr 27, 2020 9:06:00 AM

Energy savings and the sustainable use of resources rank very high on the agenda of the Austrian-based technology company.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, leading provider of wireless communication and localization solutions, has been re-certified by Ecoprofit for the eighth consecutive year. The company regularly sets itself goals to achieve sustainable environmental management and cost-reducing ecological improvements. In addition to energy savings, waste avoidance and reduced material consumption, the focus is on environmentally friendly mobility. These goals are documented in the annual digital environmental report.

“Among the highlights of the year under review are further savings in electricity consumption, i.e. the ratio of kWh per employee at our headquarters in Lustenau. Over the last few years we have been able to reduce power consumption by more than 50%,” says Markus Heimgartner, Director Procurement, who has been responsible for the Ecoprofit audit at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS since 2013.

Heimgartner sees another important point on the sustainability agenda 2020 in the mobility of employees: “We are convinced that mobility is an important factor in terms of CO2 savings. We are therefore raising awareness among our employees and trying to motivate them to switch to more environmentally friendly means of transport – both in terms of travel to and from work and on business trips”.

Measures at a glance:

- CO2 reduction: discounts on public transport tickets, promotion of car-pooling, increased use of video conferencing between global locations, gradual conversion of the company fleet to hybrid vehicles

- Energy savings: lighting conversion to LED

- Optimization of the waste separation system, awareness raising for waste separation

- Reduction of paper consumption: changeover to recycled paper, standard setting double-sided printing

Due to the current situation, the audit was carried out completely digitally by Ecoprofit.

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