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What the unforgiving North Sea taught Norway about safety

Vidar Borgen
Posted by Vidar Borgen on Feb 11, 2021 9:30:00 AM

By living with and next to the freezing and unforgiving North Sea, Norwegians had to learn how to adapt to their naturally harsh surroundings, including the rugged landscape with fjords and a coastline of around 100 000 km.

They wouldn’t let nature overwhelm them, instead they toughened up and pioneered in seafaring which goes all the way back to the Vikings. Later they also moved on to shipping, fishing, and then the offshore oil, gas and now also wind industry.

Having such a long history and tradition in travelling the rough sea and also extreme weather conditions under their belts, Norwegians have excelled in learning how to stay safe. This is one of the reasons, why today Norway is a highly respected and leading nation in regards of Health Safety and Environment (HSE) technology for offshore applications. Read more

At IDENTEC SOLUTIONS we are proud to have partnered with Norwegian companies to increase personnel safety since 2006.

Real-time visibility to maximise safety

To us, one of the safety gaps are the still commonly used manual mustering procedures like T-Cards and pen and paper-based lists. Why would you want to use a Personnel On Board (POB) system prone to human errors in case of an emergency?

A solution like Crew Companion takes away the risk and hassle of manual processes. It is a simple, easy to use, active RFID based tracking solution, designed to give control when it’s needed most – in case of an emergency. Real-time data provides valuable insights while saving time and money.

How does Crew companion work?


Every offshore crew member is given a unique tag when they go offshore. Once they start moving around on the installation, their position is registered by antennas, and sent to the user interface. The system server can easily be integrated to send data directly to onshore control centres, rescue centrals, or other crucial functions.

This gives the end user the opportunity to have complete crowd control in case of an emergency, including who is where, who is safe, who is in a lifeboat and who has evacuated. They also get an overview of who is unaccounted for, and their last seen position. Increasing the efficiency and overview in a rescue situation can in a best-case scenario save a life of an offshore worker. In addition to keeping personnel safe, Crew Companion also helps companies save time and money by decreasing the time spent on weekly muster drills. End-users normally report a reduced muster time of around 50%, which is time that can be utilised on operational work instead.

Crew Companion is fully ATEX certified and has been tailormade to harsh environments. The solution was made in partnership with Ekofisk Operator ConocoPhillips 15 years ago, and has been the preferred choice of North Sea operators ever since. Today, more than a dozen installations in the North Sea use the solution to keep their personnel safe on a day to day basis. The solution is fully compliant with the EU’s GDPR directives.

Download Crew Companion Factsheet

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