What gets us up in the morning is knowing that whatever the problems, there are always better solutions.

We love nothing more than figuring out how to help customers do what they do better.

We achieve this by designing our products and services to improve operational processes and ensure the safety of people in the harshest business environments around the world.

We’re a local business with a global reach, a dedicated team with a big spirit, engineers with an eye for efficiency and ingenuity.

We design our hardware, develop our  software, and manage a selected number of professional electronic manufacturing services (EMS) partners who build our products according to our specifications and ISO 9001 quality standards. This keeps our team small yet still gives us the ability to cope with the highest demands at the same time.

In numbers: Founded in 1999, 80 staff members from 20 nations in 5 locations, in Europe, Asia, North America & Australia, and with 200 satisfied blue-chip customers around the world.