Asset Agent makes your factory smart, increasing productivity by reducing wastefulness. We packed 2 new features in our latest release 1.7

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Asset Agent Release 1.7
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Asset Agent

Asset Agent optimises unguided internal transportation processes, from assembly to indoor and outdoor storage areas, and on to further transportation. By knowing the accurate real time location of every asset in every storage area, search times and machine idle times are eliminated.

Asset Agent is a flexible, versatile solution. It is light infrastructure, and powerful edgeware has helped it become a proven solution.


What is new in Asset Agent 1.7?

Besides several smaller updates to make Asset Agent faster and more efficient, we've built in two main features:

  • Use an alarm functionality for misplaced material (pick-by-light) after sitting idle for a specified time
  • Set an expiry timer for materials in a specific area to manage your stock by first in, first out principle

Warning of Wrong Placement

A common scenario in intra-factory logistics is the wrong delivery of material: Containers are misplaced, left at the wrong pick-up point and finally forgotten. They are not only missed where they will be used, but even worse, the containers are blocked and the material may perish over a sustained time.

Asset Agent addresses this challenge with a new functionality:

  • Work orders (automated or manual) define the final destination of a material transport.
  • Should the transport stop or park the material not at the final destination and remain idle for a set time (e.g. one hour), it will trigger an alarm.
  • The alarm is visible at the User Interface of Asset Agent and also at the material container (tag) itself, flashing a red light. Everyone passing by will see the alarm light and either move the carrier to the right spot or inform the person in charge.

No more expired material

Materials are stored in various amounts at a factory, mirroring the production speed and importance of specific components in the factory processes. Typically, stocks are organised around the first in, first out principle. The reason is clear: You want to avoid any waste due to damages or expiry. But sometimes, visibility is limited and looking for the "right" material can be cumbersome. At least, it is prone to errors.

With Asset Agent, you get a helping hand:

  • Decide which area in your storage represents what maximum storage time.
  • When picking up material from a dedicated area, the next-in-the-row material carrier will become visible (pick-by-light functionality), making it simple, easy and 100% accurate for every worker to choose the right container.

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In this session, Jake Mazulewicz will discuss the framework to safety in hazardous industries like offshore installations. He will address the big question: "How can we effectively balance error-prone human nature with increasingly complex, expensive and hazardous environments?"

Jake will present 7 practical steps to improve safety and human reliability.

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