How to improve operational performance

To remain competitive in a connected, competitive world, companies must continuously improve their operational performance whenever and wherever possible. It's vital to maintain it or be at risk of being left behind. Moreover, improving operational efficiency directly affects revenue, profits, and satisfaction levels.


Brownfields, Industrial Automation & global pandemic

For many years the strategy in mass production was clear: Implement the greatest degree of automation possible with the ultimate target of becoming a “lights-out” plant requiring no human presence on-site. Significantly higher investments for automation as compared to manually organised production processes were justified by the assumption of never-ending growth. Why should we suddenly challenge this assumption?


How to make digitalisation work

Digitalisation is ubiquitous and is transforming manufacturing processes. But as for any other industrial investment: Improvements must be measurable. Digitalisation done right, can sustainably improve production Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in tyre manufacturing.


IIoT: Answering the big digitalisation question

In order to reduce production costs in tyre manufacturing, any IIoT-based solution must help to increase machine utilization, reduce scrap of raw materials, eliminate production errors of the final product and increase labour productivity.

operational performance objectives

Why do we need operational performance objectives?

Learning and getting insights are the foundation of improvement. For the past centuries, the scientific approach has been an incubator of innovation, propelling human technology and understanding faster than ever. Concepts such as Kaizen rely like science on the availability of data to measure and, eventually, to adapt a hypothesis. Setting operational performance objectives allows you to focus on specific challenges and improve them.

Operational Performance Benchmarking

Monitoring operational performance and benchmarking should be a constant, automated task. Performance monitoring is more than just a few numbers: They are the foundation to further enhance your business intelligence. But getting valuable insights is not self-evident.

quality documentation rtls

Quality Documentation: Still adding records manually?

Records provide evidence of conformity to all your legal and customer requirements. For ISO 9001, records must be controlled. In addition, they are essential for product liability reasons in an industrial environment.


RTLS Solution: Improving operational performance

What if you could monitor all processes of your facility at all times? Real-time location systems enable insights that empower unmatched visibility and the ability to see and manage complex set-ups and organizations.


RTLS 101: What is it and where to use it

Real-time location systems (RTLS) identify automatically the position of objects in real time, usually within a building or other contained area like a terminal or parking lot.

101 RTLS Implementation

The aim to track and measure goods throughout manufacturing makes the complete production process more visible, efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

Real-time location systems can help you make unguided processes highly visible and integrate them into the digital landscape. However, implementing real time location systems into your manufacturing landscape can be highly complex and an investment in this area should be thoroughly researched.


RTLS 101: Basic components and setup

At its core, you can define RTLS as a system that is in place to identify or track machinery, automobiles, equipment, inventory, or even people in real time indoor and outdoor.

Before you plan and use location services within your organization, we answered the fundamental questions about RTLS implementation for you. This post deals with the basic components and setup of real-time location systems.

brownfield operations

Who is using RTLS in brownfield operations?

Brownfield operations are widespread but technically spoken, not state of the art. But they can be upgraded to a relatively fast digital standard without substantial investments. Real-time location systems are the key here. Real-time monitoring and optimisation of production and logistics process significantly improve production systems' efficiency. In this article, we show you where.


VW Autostadt Infographic

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg focuses on all aspects of mobility. The theme park and educational centre is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. The Autostadt is also the world's largest new car delivery centre and home to the multi-brand ZeitHaus car museum.

VW and Asset Agent: For a perfect customer experience

Wolfsburg's futuristic and iconic Autostadt (“car city”) is nothing less than a stage for celebrating the motor vehicle. Fans and customers experience an automotive world in a league of its own, right next door to one of Germany´s largest car factories and Volkswagen’s main plant. The Wolfsburg plant is a complex system of more than 60,000 workers and employees assembling and finishing individual cars in a myriad of intricate steps, in the midst of which Asset Agent plays a little-known but significant role - as a real-time location system.