Everyone must be accounted for when an emergency occurs on an offshore installation as quickly as possible. This is why transponders are such an essential tool for emergency mustering. In this whitepaper, we will discuss the benefits of using transponders for emergency mustering and how they can help save lives in the event of an emergency.
Emergency Mustering Transponder

What are transponders?

Transponders (sometimes called tags) are small electronic devices emitting signals in response to incoming signals. This signal can be used to track the device's movement or location. Transponders are often used in emergencies to help locate and muster personnel. They can be attached to clothing, equipment, or vehicles and help responders quickly identify and find individuals in a large area.


Emergency Management

Emergency management is a coordinated effort to reduce the impact of a disaster. It includes activities such as preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. Emergency teams should coordinate emergency management efforts among all relevant agencies and organisations. The goal of disaster management is to reduce the overall risk to the crew and the community posed by a disaster.

Some typical disaster management activities include: Creating emergency plans, identifying essential personnel and critical resources, conducting training and drills, establishing lines of communication, stockpiling supplies, evacuating people to safe areas, providing medical treatment, setting up shelters, restoring utilities, clearing debris, rebuilding infrastructure, and providing economic assistance.


Using transponders during emergency mustering

During the response stage of an emergency on an offshore installation, it is vital to quickly and efficiently muster the personnel on board. Transponders can help with this process by locating crews rapidly and efficiently. When activated, transponders worn or carried by personnel send a signal that receivers on board the installation can detect. This allows for a much faster and more effective response in an emergency.


Essential: Transponders in place

When an emergency occurs on an offshore installation, the first thing needed is an accurate headcount of everyone on site. This is where transponders come in, as they can be used to quickly and easily locate people in an emergency. Personnel wear tags, and readers are placed strategically around an installation, such as exits and firefighting equipment.


Essential: Transponders in place

When planning for emergency mustering on offshore installations, it is crucial to ensure that your plan is effective. We summerized the most critical parts to look for.

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