In this whitepaper, we’ll explore the potential of offshore wind power and illustrate some of the dangers associated with working in such an environment, examine the rescue chain and suggest ways to improve it.
HSE Offshore Windpark

Working offshore

The offshore wind industry is on the rise as countries worldwide look to increase renewable energy production. But it’s not without risk - many of the tasks associated with this type of work take place in harsh and unforgiving conditions. 
For workers, strong winds, extreme temperatures, and long hours can be a part of their daily routine. 


Be Prepared

In the event of an offshore emergency, timely and accurate information is critical for ensuring the safety and survival of all those on board. Real-time data such as personnel-on-board (POB) lists can 
be used to quickly identify who’s missing in case of an incident.

Real-time data can improve chances of survival dramatically - it allows maritime personnel to quickly assess what actions need to be taken to help crew members who are stranded or injured.


Download this whitepaper and learn about

  • The hazards of working at offshore wind parks

  • HSE procedures and lines of safety

  • Emergency processes

  • How to improve available data to increase chances of successful rescue


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