Mining operations demand long-term and substantial investments, and turning a mine into a profitable business is a challenging, ongoing project. Strategic and operational answers will decide if success is feasible. Industry experts
often claim that mining safety and productivity correlate and influence each other.

So, how do we can achieve mining targets in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner? If we want to exploit the full potential of our mining investment we should investigate the idea of risk management.

Mine Risk Management

Risk Management in Mining

The mining industry has always been risky, with worker safety concerns representing only a portion of the challenges. Increasingly strict regulations, reliance on technology, inconsistent demand for raw materials and high commodity prices are matters of high importance for a mining company.

Fortunately, most mining corporations can offset this with effective risk management programs. Moreover, many industry executives are already ahead in effectively managing risks. They understand that significant gains often come with considerable risks, and welldesigned programs enable them to pursue those opportunities safely.


Mine Risk Management: Cost Factor

Besides external risk factors, which are impossible or hard to influence, cost and productivity are the fundamental elements determining an outfit’s success. Excellent equipment and skills, favourable ore conditions and outstanding safety culture influence cost and productivity most and make risk management of these factors mandatory.


Mine Risk Management: Productivity

There are many ways to increase productivity along general aspects of mining operations (steady output, successful safety record, low waste and accurate performance). In this whitepaper, we pick  two areas: personnel and equipment. Optimizing available hours and assets helps work more efficiently, protects profits, and gives your business a cutting edge over the competition.


Mine Risk Management: Safety

The most recommended, industry-wide approach to safety in general, but mining in particular, is to take a 1-2-3 risk management approach. The top priority in risk management is always to eliminate risks as much as possible. The first level eliminates the hazard and the associated risk and is the most effective measure of control (e.g., no holes in the floor where people work).

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