Cruise ships, extensive facilities, mass events, big office buildings, offshore installations and mines must prepare for an emergency evacuation scenario. When safety managers use traditional mustering methods, inaccurate data will lead to dangerous situations for personnel, visitors and rescue teams. Chaos will force everyone involved to make uninformed decisions. A mobile mustering solution based on automatic scanning of the entire area will provide a much better overview of the situation and help direct teams where needed.

Mobile Mustering offshore
mobile mustering

What is Mobile Mustering?

The basic requirements for mobile mustering include a rugged, lightweight handheld computer that can serve as (1) a mobile mustering list and (2) a mobile mustering reader.

A real-time location system (RTLS) delivers a comparatively automated mustering method with minimal human interference.

Since RTLS shows the location of each person on the system in real-time, evacuees do not require to present themselves at the mustering area and swipe their credentials.

mobile mustering

Mobile Mustering: Why Using It?

In the past, security personnel may have grabbed a printed evacuation list on the way out to ease the manual counting and sorting of employees. Advancing to laptop computers allowed automate the process. Still, laptops often take precious minutes to start up and are data-dependent on the physical access control system (PACS), which may not be online during an emergency.

Mobile mustering, which uses portable handheld computers that work online or offline, is equipped with readers to scan IDs and quickly assess mustering progress and statistics. The better idea is they check a dedicated zone automatically and show the mustering officer who arrived in the muster area without any manual interference.

mobile mustering

Mobile Mustering: Which Industries are Using it?

From cruise ship to office buildings, from mass events to industrial sites, from offshore installations to mining, mobile mustering is widely used because of flexibility, easy deployment and real-time updates in emergencies.

mobile mustering

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