On the way to zero harm in mining, how can we mitigate hazards and what role can wearables play?

Our expert Geir Nerbø will present you current approaches in mining to improve safety, based on past tragedies and current use cases.

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Duration: 21 mins


Webinar Wearables and Risk Management in Mining
Risk Management in Mining

About this lecture

In this session, Geir Nerbø will discuss the current approaches to safety in the mining industry, detailling past desasters and today's challenges. He will describe Risk Management and how does it supports the call for zero harm in the mining industry. Based on this, Geir Nerbø will show you why wearables may be the missing link and how they can assist Risk Management in daily work. Finally, Geir Nerbø will present three use cases to discuss the implementation of RFID wearables in underground mines and tunnels.

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Geir Nerbø, VP Sales Identec Solutions

Geir is a long-time advocate of safety in the mining industry.  

Geir's background is from the Norwegian army, working as a technician within communication systems, special educated as a system engineer for the Norwegian Field Artillery, with responsibilities for the system calculating the ballistics data. He added a bachelor in Computer science (University of Agder) and started a career in sales, where the last 14 years he spent at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS.

He manages the Safe Mining vertical with customers in Scandinavia and South America. In his spare time, he enjoys being at his cabin in the Norwegian forests and going for a longer ride on his BMW motorbike.

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Wearables and Risk Management in Mining