When the nature of humans is to err, how can we protect us in high hazard environments?

Safety expert Jake Mazulewicz PhD talks about how to cope with errors to build safer and more resilient work environments.

Date: on demand

Duration: 34 mins


7 practical steps to improve safety and human reliability

About this lecture

In this session, Jake Mazulewicz will discuss the framework to safety in hazardous industries like offshore installations. He will address the big question: "How can we effectively balance error-prone human nature with increasingly complex, expensive and hazardous environments?"

Jake will present 7 practical steps to improve safety and human reliability.

A fantastic, very interesting webinar on human nature and the way organizations can deal with mishaps.

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Jake Mazulewicz, PhD, Director, JMA

Jake is an independent Human Performance speaker and advisor with more than a decade of practical, in-the-field experience. He partners with innovative teams in high-hazard industries to give them practical strategies to reduce errors and build expertise.  

Before founding reliableorg.com, Jake worked as the Human Performance Lead for a 3,600 person business group in Dominion Energy. He helped analyze 300+ incidents, researched & used 12+ human error reduction tools including Situational Awareness & checklists plus advanced concepts including Crew Resource Management, “Just Culture,” & After-Action Reviews.  

Prior to that, Jake taught courses in leadership and organizational behavior to business students in Bentley University's Department of Management. He earned his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Virginia, and  has served on high-reliability teams as a firefighter, an EMT and a military paratrooper.

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Webinar 7 Steps to improve safety & human reliability