Boost productivity and efficiency through reliable asset location

Do you want to increase your tyre manufacturing output by 3%? Asset Agent is a highly scalable solution that is customised to the needs of tyre manufacturing plants. It is designed to improve efficiency and to save you money by reducing waste and scrap material while increasing productivity – without heavy investments in infrastructure and workforce. 

The fully automated system makes your life easier and lets you work better. Real-time data monitoring gives you control and provides you with valuable insights.


Eliminate waste to save time and money

The distinct identification of assets throughout the entire process eliminates the waste caused by incorrect deliveries and possible delays. With Asset Agent, you can strike another blow against Muda – the killer of productivity.


Key Features

Asset Agent is a flexible, versatile solution. It is light infrastructure, and powerful edgeware has helped it become a proven solution.

Asset Agent optimises unguided internal transportation processes, from assembly to indoor and outdoor storage areas, and on to further transportation. By knowing the accurate location of every asset in the storage area, optimal transportation routes are automatically deployed, reducing the time needed for searching.



Versatile real time locating system

The amazingly versatile RTLS transponder enables real time location and identification of assets by combining cutting-edge localisation technologies. 

Integrated into this single, robust device are:

  • LF technology for spot and zone location in industrial areas
  • 360° LED for pick-by-light application to eliminate search time
  • Motion sensor for power saving and motion events 
  • Push button for manual acknowledgement of work orders

Plus, it handles parking lot localisation of assets in large storage areas with accuracy.  And it boasts a robust IP65 design with a replaceable battery for an extended product lifecycle.


Light infrastructure

The lightweight RTLS infrastructure only requires a power supply – it doesn’t even need network connectivity. It’s so convenient, it operates in ‘plug-and-forget’ mode. The devices act as satellites for localisation technology, indoors as well as outdoors.

The system is easily scalable, making it ready for future challenges whether at your existing factories and plants or planned new ones. The RTLS system communicates over distances of up to 300m, allowing for low infrastructure density.

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Powerful software

Asset Agent is a software that improves existing production processes and generates measurable data to reach KPI targets for clients in the industrial market. Due to its innovative design it does not matter if it is a car production facility or a tire manufacturing plant, with the generic business rules it can easily be implemented for any purpose, either on-premise or in a cloud-based environment.

With its high flexibility, scalability and accuracy, it is guaranteed that Asset Agent will bring a huge increase in efficiency for the industrial market.

The applications you use may include any third-party system apps such as ERP systems and other end-user specific tools. Scalable architecture manages multiple sites at the same time, providing location, identification and sensor data processing. Integration is simple due to standardised API while the web-based front-end allows easy remote access for administration and configuration.

And it’s a proven solution…

Our solution improves efficiency for several industries, amongst others tyre and car manufacturers.

Key benefits include:

  • Saves you money: eliminates waste through reliable asset location and low maintenance, high battery lifetime

  • Makes your life easier: plug & play ERP interface, easy to use, accurate and stable operation, 24/7 support by an experienced global team 

  • Makes you work better: automating manual processes, no scanners and barcodes but one single transponder, preventing human errors by visual user interface, robust and reliable wireless technology, highly scalable solution for several thousand transponders – in sum: your plant's competitiveness increases

  • Gives you control: modular solution, real-time data access, flexibility to suit your needs (integration or standalone system)

  • Gives you a valuable insight: comprehensive reporting system, remote monitoring for automated system health checks

Who is using Asset Agent

Tyre manufacturers often use material carriers for the transport of raw material or finished goods. To locate and direct these carriers is a constant challenge during production processes. Done right, it saves time and produces less waste. Because it increases the productivity of processes and entire plants, tyre manufacturers trust Asset Agent all over the world.

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