If you are looking for reliable and hassle-free monitoring of your refrigerated containers, why not enjoy an automated solution that delivers all data on one dashboard? Reefer Runner is a simple, scalable monitoring and management system tailor-made for your container terminal.

Built to integrate into your container terminal’s IT landscape, Reefer Runner will become a core part of your operations. It doesn’t get any simpler: No training required, plug & play with your TOS, ease of installation and adaptable to your expansion plans.



You as a manager of a container terminal know best how busy it can get. Successful reefer management is all about visibility and avoiding mishaps that cost money and reduce efficiency.

Gain real-time visibility of every single reefer container in your yard independent of brand and type. Look for a wireless solution that connects every reefer data port to a central server and provides comprehensive documentation to comply with all insurance and government requirements.

That’s how we designed Reefer Runner:

  • One system for all your reefer tasks
  • A robust wireless monitoring device
  • Plug & play with your TOS


Thanks to seamless integration with the TOS, Reefer Runner gives you full remote visibility of reefers for the duration of their visit. Even before a reefer arrives, you know it’s on its way and that it will be powered in time.

Whether you want to integrate automated and manual processes or analyse your last day operations, you need only one system for all your reefer tasks. Reefer Runner’s offline data caching and synchronisation, centralised software deployment and user role system, all play a part in keeping your valuable container processes on track.


Charging? Unnecessary

With a battery life of up to 7 years, you'll never have to recharge your reefer tag. Other reefer monitoring systems on the market require regular battery recharging or power supply to function continuously.

The light infrastructure and low installation effort make Reefer Runner as easy to implement as it is powerful: solid rack & stack solutions with IP67 protection included as standard.

Once connected to the wireless Reefer Runner monitoring device, all necessary monitoring data and the energy consumption become visible. The automated system provides constant real-time monitoring and recording, reducing delays and costly human errors that can occur with manual monitoring.



PLUG & PLAY WITH YOUR Terminal Operating System (TOS)

As the first-ever reefer container monitoring system, Reefer Runner passed Navis Ready validation in December 2015. The certificate confirms that Reefer Runner interfaces directly with the Navis N4 container TOS and works right out of the box, without additional modifications. Reefer Runner interoperates with other TOS like Tideworks as simply as with Navis N4.

Reefer Runner easily scales to monitor every reefer container in the terminal, providing information that can be accessed at any time, from any location. Combined with your TOS, you gain limitless possibilities to enhance your operational efficiency.

Key benefits of a proven solution

With visibility comes insight and now you can map trends and fine tune processes to increase efficiency and productivity. Reefer Runner’s complete package also offers remote setpoint changes in case of deviations, detecting and resolving alarms and managing power connections to avoid torn power cables

In a digital world, Reefer Runner supplies you with data to improve your container throughput, staff safety, energy consumption, claim avoidance, and terminal security. Overall, your reputation as a reliable container terminal will grow and positively impact your other terminal business.


Makes you work better

  • Automates management of entire reefer process from gate entry to exit

  • Tablet or smartphone for reefer mechanic eliminates paper & pencil

  • High system availability through robust wireless network technology

Gives you control

  • Immediate power on/off detection with accurate reporting of total connection time

  • Digital archive for claim handling

  • All relevant information at a glance in one system in real-time

Gives you valuable insight

  • Real-time monitoring & alarms for all brands and types incl. automated log downloads

  • Logical alarms for setpoint mismatches

  • Energy monitoring w/o additional hardware and customisable reports

Makes your life easier

  • Seamless AOI-based TOS integration with Navis N4, Tideworks Technology and many others

  • Bolt-on hardware installation w/o interruption of ongoing operations 

  • Full scalability and flexibility due to wireless set-up

  • 24/7 remote support & service by a global support team

Keeps your people safe

  • Reduced traffic in the yard

  • Automatic monitoring of stacked (non-racked) containers reducing foot traffic

  • No more torn power cables

Saves you money

  • Significant reduction of claims, reduced labour time

  • Less interruption of operations in reefer blocks due to less physical tasks being needed

  • Ultra low maintenance system with up to 10 years battery lifetime

Who is using Reefer Runner

Our wireless solution gives you control, makes teams work better, delivers valuable insights and eliminates wastefulness. That's why the biggest and most productive container terminals trust us to help them better utilise the resources they have – in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Reefer Runner is a proven solution being used by the largest container terminal operators in the world today like TTI, Yilport, Ports America, Georgia Ports, AMPT, Eurogate, Bolloré, PSA and many more.

Reefer Runner Marine and Ports Customer Identec Solutions

"Our expansion of terminal operations enables us to focus on the entire supply chain. Therefore, it is crucial to stay competitive by decreasing costs and increasing the quality of terminal management. Reefer Runner does precisely this for us."

Hugo García, Operations Director at Yilport Puerto Bolivar

“Reefer Runner provides also the necessary relief for our experienced staff. We can monitor refers remotely now. This is crucial as we don’t have to interfere with the vehicles operating in the yard, increasing safety and reducing incidents.”

Jorge Nunez Hernández, Project coordinator and TOS administrator at OPCSA

Reefer Runner

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