If your customers are looking for reliable terminal services and scheduling, why not enjoy a solution that makes your operations planning a matter of minutes? Terminal Tracker is a powerful management system that orchestrates your assets to perform efficiently as a tailor-made job for your next vessel.

Built to integrate into your container terminal’s IT landscape, Terminal Tracker will become a core part of your operations. Planning shifts in advance, adjust and reserve your vehicles and workforce. And yes, job promotion does not get any simpler: Adaptable to your existing yard and future dimensions, plug & play with your TOS and ease of installation by our Professional Services.



There are two things that are important for you as a manager of a container terminal: safety and productivity. Successful operations look for zero accidents and continuous handling of containers. You can improve behavioural safety by analysing incidents and sharing accurate data with your workforce. Fewer accidents also mean fewer container damage and claims.

Due to the comprehensive record of container movements and vehicle usage in a given period, you gain true insight into your terminal operations to base your KPIs. You can then improve productivity where it makes sense. Both are achieved by visibility: what are your vehicles doing, and how can you avoid idle time.

That’s how we designed Terminal Tracker:

  • Comprehensive operations planning
  • Yard traffic and processes optimization through real-time data
  • Fleet management based on recorded vehicle information


Thanks to seamless integration with the TOS, Terminal Tracker gives you the ability to plan your daily operations based on ship size and deadlines without the complexity that comes with conventional methods. A plan for the next day or week can be created quickly based on your needs as work with assets that are available for a specific task at a given time.

When unforeseen changes happen, you can adapt your operational plan immediately on the fly. The Terminal Tracker planning module will guide you through the process quickly and easily.



Terminal Tracker’s automated job promotion improves accuracy, safety and turnaround time by automatically identifying trucks and eliminating the need to search through a long job list. Our position detection system (PDS) delivers real time location data that can be used to improve processes through semi-automation (e.g. automated handover between cranes and CHE or external haulage control with live information). With the control of twist-locks, no unplanned container moves are permitted, making lost containers a thing of the past and giving you real time data at gate, yard, and quay.

As everything is based on your operational plan; crane usage, box movements and vehicle traffic are controlled and optimized. With Terminal Tracker you can control access to your terminal, dedicated zones and even vehicles – all within one system.



Based on vehicle usage and needs, plan your vehicle acquisition accordingly – track usage hours, fuel consumption, tire pressure and PLC errors. This not only saves you money but avoids accidents. Before a breakdown occurs, you will be alerted when warnings like PLC errors occur enabling you to avoid damage to your vehicles and reduce the idle time of your assets.

To optimize your terminal operations further, plan your pit-stops and maintenance times for your vehicles based on usage. Your operations plan won’t suffer from unplanned interruptions.

Key benefits of a proven solution…

With visibility comes insight allowing you to map trends and fine tune processes to increase efficiency and productivity. As all vehicle data is recorded, accident reports can be created with ease, you’re able to improve your compliance with safety regulations, and implement measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.

In a digital world, Terminal Tracker supplies you with data to improve your container throughput, staff safety, and terminal security. Overall, your reputation as a reliable container terminal will grow and positively impact your business goals.

Makes you work better

  • Increase visibility through real-time data based on our position detection system (PDS)

  • Plan your daily operations at your fingertips

  • Rely on robust and proven technology

Gives you control

  • Easy investigation handling

  • Central real-time vehicle access management

  • Comprehensive reporting system

Gives you a valuable insight

  • Operational improvements based on KPIs

  • Incident analysis

  • Real-time fleet status

Makes your life easier

  • Simplify and update your operations planning based on your tasks and available assets

  • Seamless TOS integration with Navis N4, Tideworks Technology and many others

  • Modular solution to grow with your business

  • 24/7 remote support & service by a global support team

Keeps your people safe

  • Improving behavioural safety by sharing accurate data with your workforce

  • Maintaining assets before breakdown occur

  • Alarming operator before technical breakdowns

Saves you money

  • Reduced idle time of vehicles

  • Cost-effective vehicle acquisition

  • Scalable solution working with every vehicle manufacturer and mixed fleets

Who is using Terminal Tracker

Our wireless solution gives you control, makes teams work better, delivers valuable insights and eliminates wastefulness. That's why the biggest and most productive ports and terminals trust us to help them better utilise the resources they have – in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Terminal Tracker is a proven solution being used by the largest container terminal operators in the world today like TTI, Eurogate, Georgia Ports, APMT, ICTSI and many more...

Learn more about the successful implementation of Terminal Tracker at TTI Algeciras


"What you want is performance and safety, but above all, it is reliability for your customer that counts."

Miguel Angel Sanchez Medina, Head of IT at TTI Algeciras

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