Visibility of container terminal operations delivers predictable productivity

Terminal Tracker is a combination of the latest wireless technologies and a robust software built with a series of standard modules that can provide real time identification, positioning and monitoring for terminal operations. This ensures the solution is both scalable and flexible.

Terminal Tracker modules have a proven track record in diverse operating environments, with all types and makes of equipment, in both retrofit and greenfield projects.

System overview

Terminal Tracker’s automated job promotion improves accuracy, safety and turnaround time by automatically identifying trucks and eliminating the need to search through a job list.

With container control no unplanned container moves are permitted, making lost containers a thing of the past and giving you real time data at gate, quay and yard.


Experience the Terminal Tracker difference!

Top features include:

  • Container position detection system 
  • Truck identification and gate access control
  • Automated job stepping and promotion for Container Handling Equipment when truck arrives
  • Twist lock control, restricting moves based on TOS planned positions
  • STS crane automated container hand-off
  • Fleet management with real-time availability dashboard
  • Control and plan of maintenance and safety with fuel level, tyre status and distance travelled reports
  • Reports, logs and history of events for equipments and operators

With Terminal Tracker, your business can enjoy:

  • Enhanced capacity

  • Enhanced operational safety 

  • Increased utilisation of chassis and cassettes  

  • Increased inventory accuracy

  • Improved straddle truck exchange grid management

  • Improved dwell times

  • Improved transaction accuracy

  • Faster driver hand-offs

  • Shorter turnaround time at gates.


You can keep cool and stay in control too…

Reefer Runner, our related solution for cool container management, can give you easy, integrated visibility across your container terminal operations.

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