Offshore and onshore oil and gas, wind and alternative energy production



7 Practical Steps to Improve Safety & Human Reliability

Jake Mazulewicz will discuss the framework to safety in hazardous industries like offshore installations. He will address the big question: "How can we effectively balance error-prone human nature with increasingly complex, expensive and hazardous environments?"

Jake presents seven practical steps to improve safety and human reliability.

A fantastic, very interesting webinar on human nature and the way organizations can deal with mishaps.


Underground and open-pit mining


Safety Culture and Mining

In this session, Geir Nerbø will discuss the importance of safety culture in mining. Based on the history of mining tragedies and increased safety standards, Geir shows that complience with actual safety regulations is not enough.

A safety culture involves everyone and is based on the company-wide understanding that safety is priority number one. The entire organisation is aligned in respecting, providing and striving for a safe work environment.

A great introduction into the safety doctrine.


Offshore safety equipment: Transponders to the rescue!

Safety on offshore installations is a top priority. Safety regulations and standards will keep incidents at bay, but risks persist. In emergency evacuations, processes and equipment are in place to save lives. Transponders help fill a gap in the mustering process, improving your emergency response management substantially.

Working on an offshore installation, floating production site (FPSO), or a wind farm is a hazardous occupation. The environment is harsh, the working conditions stressful, and the shifts long. Personnel stays on board for weeks, sometimes for months. Incidents are common, despite training, best practices and regulations. According to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (US), six workers died in offshore-related accidents in 2020, and 160 were injured.


VW Autostadt Infographic

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg focuses on all aspects of mobility. The theme park and educational centre is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. The Autostadt is also the world's largest new car delivery centre and home to the multi-brand ZeitHaus car museum.