A regional business with a global reach

We have dedicated teams in five locations with a big spirit, engineers with an eye for efficiency and ingenuity, and poetry. Wait… poetry? Of course!

More speed, less haste. More value, less waste.

Passionate problem solvers

What gets us up in the morning is knowing that whatever the problems, there are always better solutions. We love nothing more than figuring out how to help customers do what they do better. 

We achieve this by making products and services to improve operational processes and ensure the safety of people in the harshest business environments around the world.


Solutions for safety and efficiency

Our solutions are reliable, high-quality and cost-effective, enabling businesses to identify, locate and stay in control of assets. That keeps their people safe, their products on the move and their results on the growth curve. 

We’re always working on better ways to secure safety, improve efficiency and increase speed and agility, not only for the financial results but also for the planet.


Implementing on site

Our Professional Service experts draw on over two decades' experience in implementing our solutions for customers all over the globe, giving our customers the sense of security of knowing that their technology partner will bring the best skill sets and services to their project requirements.

Additionally, all our staff are committed to working in a safe, secure and efficient manner and will conduct themselves accordingly whilst on property owned by the customer.


Delivery & Service Maintenance

Our approach to managing our projects involves a standardized and proven process, starting with the planning and implementation phases and ending with the commissioning, go-live and knowledge transfer phases.

Once the go-live phase is completed, the implementation project formally ends. The solution signed off and delivered, our customer and IDENTED SOLUTIONS will enter into a Service & Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for ongoing support via our Customer Support Team available 24/7 globally.


Mastering Muda

And all of that reduces waste, the number one productivity predator. We call it MUDA, the villain of the story, the monster in the maze. 

Learn more about Muda and our ideas for defeating waste in every area of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, digital transformation and smart production processes.

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