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Where harsh conditions exist and your next location is hours away, Crew Companion is the answer for the safety of your staff; a scalable and customisable Personnel On Board (POB) and monitoring solution to meet your organisation’s safety needs in service operation vessel (SOV) activities. It provides automated personnel visualisation, access control and workflow optimisation (walk-to-work) – all in line with the most stringent HSE and business requirements.

If you are looking for a reliable proven alternative to manual mustering and emergency response processes, and want to improve your safety standards while reducing mustering times and increasing overall efficiency, why not benefit from an automated solution that delivers all crew location data in one dashboard? Learn how to optimise your daily walk-to-work processes and your incident response management.

Manage your SOV incident response professionally

You as the captain of a SOV operating in harsh conditions are aware of how quickly incidents can escalate. Harsh environments such as the North Sea are places where safety matters most. Smoke, fire, disrupted communication lines and deafening noise will make an evacuation a chaotic nightmare even for a well-trained crew, while onshore emergency control centres are in the dark.

Keep visibility and traceability of your personnel at all times during an emergency. Built according to strict industry guidelines and drawing on best practices, Crew Companion enables effective and robust operations without the need for human interaction - such as swiping cards – in nerve-racking situations.


Real time personnel visibility

Crew Companion provides automated personnel visualisation while using the gangway (Walk-to-Work) to perform tasks outside the vessel. It will automatically synchronise your POB software giving you a real-time overview of where and when your crew left the vessel - independently which duties they perform.

Crew Companion uses personnel tags that are easily worn above or beneath clothing. The reliable and robust design of the system draws on decades of on-the-job experience and close collaboration with the industry, providing you with a solution that exceeds the most stringent regulatory requirements.


SOV e-Mustering

The electronic mustering feature increases security and improves efficiency during an emergency, including an offline mode to mitigate network connectivity issues. It provides you with an automated headcount per mustering zone and “real-time” and rapid identification of missing personnel.

In an emergency, many factors can affect your planned emergency routines. Crew Companion allows you to allocate lifeboats flexibly, and to relocate your mustering points easily.

Your incident response management team can monitor remotely from on- and off-site control rooms making your emergency response and drill practices more effective. Analyse your drills and discover potential ways to improve your response in emergencies.


Real time SOV headcount

For many reasons, it is essential to know who is at the site at each moment. This POB management system operates effectively without human intervention to avoid errors and unaccounted personnel. 

Crew Companion integrates seamlessly into offshore flight and Walk-to-Work (W2W) management systems like DaWinci, Vantage, Helipass, Optima etc. The helicopter or boat personnel manifest can be selected by flight/sail times and will automatically move personnel in and out of the POB of the vessel, ensuring accurate POB at all times. 


Access Control

Crew Companion enables you to provide access control functionality on vessels like SOVs. Users can open doors without manual swiping or having to lean over to place tags near a reader, which is crucial during heavy sea or when exposed (e.g. ladders). You can automatically manage who is allowed to board a helicopter, enter a gangway (W2W) or climb a vessel and update your attendance reporting in real time. 

Key benefits of a proven solution…

With visibility comes insight and now you can analyse and fine-tune processes to reduce your muster time by up to 70%. Real-time data indicates the potential “overpopulation” of rescue vessels and insight on the location of missing personnel.

Managing an emergency is naturally stressful and prone to errors. Crew Companion provides you with the data to improve your management and response in these situations. Overall, your reputation as a reliable, safety-concerned company will grow..

Makes you work better

  • Visibility of personnel in real time allows key information to flow faster

  • Fully automated system requiring no manual actions by personnel

  • Highly scalable with capability of reading several thousand tags simultaneously

Gives you control

  • Stored personal data (name, employee number, cabin number, next of kin, etc.)

  • Real time location data live to your control room

  • Easy data transfer via API for digital twin or 3rd party integration

Gives you a valuable insight

  • Comprehensive reporting system

  • Mustering reports for continuous improvement processes

  • Remote monitoring for automated system health checks 

Makes your life easier

  • Lightweight hardware is easily installed

  • Fully customisable, plug & play solution

  • Easy distribution of data to remote / offsite control rooms

Saves you money

  • Low cost, low maintenance efforts, minimal training required
  • Reduces non-productive time during mustering drills or understanding personnel positions
  • Easy single person installations

Helps to keep your people safe

  • Real time visibility of personnel movements from wind turbine to wind turbine, zone to zone

  • Real time reporting of personnel during mustering drills or emergency situations

  • Reduces muster times by up to 70 % (compared with a manual solution)

Who is using Crew Companion

Our wireless solution gives you control, enhances safety, delivers valuable insights and makes teams work better. That's why vessel operators trust us to help them better utilise the resources they have – in the North Sea and the Atlantic. Our SOV customers are Aker BP and Equinor.


"The electronic Crew Companion is an integral part of our mustering system, by not only confirming that all personnel have turned up at a muster station, but more importantly, have turned up at their correct muster stations too. This system not only helpful to muster checkers, but assists the main POB (Personnel On Board) controller, and Emergency management team located in the Emergency Control Room too during Major Emergency Management"

Neil Birkett, Offshore Installation Manager, MODEC

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