Visibility of underground and open pit operations delivers safety and productivity

Mining and tunneling, be it open pit or underground, is an industry with elevated costs and correspondingly high safety hazards. Within this industry there is a focus on HS&E, which is governed by territorial regulations, company rules and social corporate responsibility. The industry continues to invest significantly into emergency planning.  Businesses need to consider all possible situations and a key factor is ensuring employees can be located in a timely manner as this is crucial in an emergency response plan.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS primary goal is to improve personnel safety in extreme and hazardous situations, so our clients can ensure highly efficient handling in evacuation situations.

Increased safety in day-to-day operations enables your business to run more efficiently; this is achieved by using IDENTEC SOLUTIONS highly robust Crew Companion system for personnel safety in harsh environments.

Real-time information in an emergency situation

Mine Safety
  • Enhanced safety for personnel
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Greater overall security
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Automatic head count during emergency situations
  • Rapid idenfication and monitoring of personnel entering mustering zone
  • Immediate identfication of missing personnel for prompt initiation of search and rescue operations

Our Solutions

People Tracking Mine Safety

Crew Companion delivers real-time visibility of your personnel to maximise safety, security and productivity in harsh environments.


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