| Written by Mark Buzinkay

Big milestone for IDENTEC SOLUTIONS: Reefer Runner being installed / deployed at 50 container terminals is a major sign of success. Reefer Runner revolutionised the way reefer management works today.
Reefer Runner

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As IDENTEC SOLUTIONS received its latest purchase order from a container terminal in Saudi Arabia, Reefer Runner is now installed or deployed in 50 ports worldwide. For IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, this is a significant milestone; but for the global supply chain, this is another step ahead in higher productivity and less wastefulness.

Fifty container terminals trust Reefer Runner because it works. Years ago, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS revolutionised how reefer monitoring was managed and developed a solution independent of reefer types, delivering data remotely, enabling energy monitoring without an additional power meter, and realising the first decarbonisation project (together with Siemens). But, most importantly, Reefer Runner is a solution that manages the entire process of reefer handling in ports, not just delivering data.

The world's most developed reefer monitoring and management solution covers the entire handling process of refrigerated containers within a container terminal. Reefer Runner connects with the TOS through a built-in interface and supplies remotely refrigerated container data such as temperature, humidity and power consumption. It checks possible error conditions to raise alarms if something goes not according to plan. As a result, it improves speed and quality of processes and increases visibility in the field; it protects against claims documenting a complete digital record and preventing human errors. Most importantly, remote monitoring gives terminal reefer technicians more time to focus on important technical aspects of their work.

Today, Reefer Runner constantly monitors more than 44.000 reefer plugs.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' list of customers gets longer and longer. It includes the who is who of the industry - terminal operators like APMT, PSA, DP World, Eurogate, TIL, Yilport, Bolloré and many others. Reefer Runner operates in all climate zones in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia-Pacific. Together with its customers, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS makes sure that refrigerated containers are safe on the terminal and will be handled most efficiently by using the latest technology.

"We all - IDENTEC SOLUTIONS and the maritime and logistics industry - shall aim for a world of zero waste and zero emissions. This has been our mission since day 1. With Reefer Runner and Terminal Tracker, we provide solutions to make this big challenge a little more achievable", says Stephan Piworus, Global VP Sales Marine & Ports.