| Written by Jordi Asensio Carbo

Reduce claims, avoid human error
refrigerated reefer monitoring

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In most ports, terminal automation primarily focuses on container handling while the monitoring of individual containers is done manually. Energy monitoring is key in keeping the temperature of perishables at the right levels, but it is a very labor-intensive job as the temperature setting and monitoring are often done manually. Lack of available labor as well as human errors often result in temperatures not staying at the required levels and fresh produce going to waste.

Since container terminal operators are being held responsible for keeping the temperatures at the right levels while being on the terminal, they often see themselves faced with claims.

Yilport's Puerto Bolivar / Ecuador uses Reefer Runner as part of its initiative to boost Reefer management productivity at their terminals worldwide.


According to international transport insurer TT Club, temperature-controlled cargo incidents have been one of the leading causes of insurance claims in the transportation industry over the past three years with human error being the cause in a majority of cases. In 29 percent of the claims in the temperature-controlled supply chain, the problem arises because the responsible parties have not properly passed on information to each other. In 24 percent of the incidents, personnel incorrectly adjusted the temperature of the reefer equipment and in 10 percent of the damage in the cold chain, they simply failed to plug in the equipment. In a quarter of claims, the equipment itself is the problem as it has a defect or breaks down. 

REfrigerated reefer MONITORING DEVICE

To prevent terminals from the need to manually inspect refrigerated containers on their premises, we at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS have developed a remote reefer monitoring device, Reefer Runner. Reefer Runner can be mounted permanently on the reefer rack or attached to the reefer container directly via magnet and plugged into a container data port. Reefer Runner provides real-time visibility without any human interference and this has proven to be a very effective way to eliminate human errors and lower insurance claims - making reefer logistics much simpler.

Reefer Runner is a wireless remote monitoring and control system that interfaces directly with the Navis N4 container terminal operating system (TOS), which is the market leader for TOS systems globally. However, the solution offers plug and play interfaces to 15 other TOS providers as well.

With the increasing demand for Reefers, especially for the transportation of perishable goods and pharmacy products, we are experiencing growing interest in our reefer management solution.

With Reefer Runner being used in over 36 terminals worldwide, our team is serving key accounts around the globe, including APM Terminals, DP World, Eurogate, ICTSI, TIL and many more.