| Written by Mark Buzinkay

Being a global company with 200 customers worldwide, served by 80 employees at 5 locations is an interesting challenge. 
Identec Solutions global culture

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We serve our customers worldwide - from our offices in Austria, Norway, Australia, USA and Germany. We’re a local business with a global reach, a dedicated team with a big spirit, engineers with an eye for efficiency and ingenuity. 80 staff members from 20 nations in 5 locations work hard for 200 satisfied blue-chip customers around the world.

Being a global company with a global spirit is an interesting challenge. We asked our colleagues what "global" means to them.


"Being a global company means that the sun never sets on IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. Having employee and partner representation in 10 time zones means we are always at the ready. It also means that despite the different cultures we represent we share one uniting business culture which is defined by our credo “ Because it works”. This attitude of delivering and supporting world class solutions is the same no matter where one of our employees is located. It also means we are aware of the local nuances required to sell and sustain in each country we operate, for example, this means adapting to the local market when we can, whether that is delivering materials, training sessions or contracts in the local language." Julian


“Working in a global acting company and being embedded in a worldwide team means for me to focus and connect the strength of 80 individuals with different backgrounds distributed around the globe. Being part of our global team is not only fun but also valuable for our customers, at home on each continent in 40+ countries.
Having a global mindset is crucial when working for IDENTEC SOLUTIONS - not only for interpersonal communication but also for looking at our solutions to keep them in state of the art.”