| Written by Frederike Ruedisser

Long-term customer and supplier relationships have always been the top priority at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. Therefore, it is not surprising that we partner up with Borema Umwelttechnik AG since almost 10 years.
RFID-based personal protection systems

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Borema Umwelttechnik AG, known as a provider of contactless, RFID-based personal protection systems for the recycling industry, is particularly proud of its in-house development, production, and assembly unit.

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“As a leading provider in environmental technology our mission statement ‘best solution – right decision’, helps us to improve, adapt and develop our existing products continuously. To be successful, not only our in-house resources are important, but also a careful selection of suppliers,” explains David Acklin, Head of Engineering at Borema Umwelttechnik AG. 




In value-based corporate management, customer-supplier relationships play a decisive role and even become more and more important as we are all searching for sustainability nowadays. Therefore, we are happy that IDENTEC SOLUTIONS and Borema can look back on almost 10 years of partnership.

Mathias Pötter, VP Sales Smart Factory at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, sees the key to mutual success primarily in shared values: “We are basically very similar minded. Like us, Borema Umwelttechnik AG is a small, innovative company with short decision-making paths, high-quality standards, and focused on customer satisfaction.” (see how you can record production data and do quality documentation at once)

Pötter also finds positive similarities regarding product development and improvement: “We always try to find the best solution for our customers. This also means we bend over backwards sometimes and develop tailormade solutions of our products – as for example for Borema’s special use-case.”




IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ products are mainly used in Borema’s personal protection systems (see also: "Understanding AIDC"). Borema’s product Life Guard PSS i-BOR 17 is used wherever material is transported to baling or shredding systems via conveyor belts. The core of its product are transponders the employees get equipped. This helps to reliably detect people on the conveyor belts (e.g. if they fall) and make the entire system stop immediately. Thanks to a large number of transponder variants from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, these vital transponders can be worn as a bracelet or around the neck, or you can use safety shoes with an integrated transponder. Because: only the acceptance of the safety system by the employees ensures their health. 

Facts & Figures:

Borema was founded in 1996 with 2 employees, originally as a Swiss service point for a Dutch baler manufacturer. In 2003 conversion to the independent Borema Umwelttechnik AG. Today around 15 employees in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries work for specific solutions in the recycling sector, especially baling presses, shredders, conveying and sorting systems. Market launch of the Life Guard PSS i-BOR 12 in 2012 and further development and launch of the PSS i-BOR 17 in 2017.

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