| Written by Jens Petter Haugen

Crew Companion by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS now offers a contact tracing module helping operators in the oil & gas industry to keep their staff safe and operations running during a global pandemic.

contact tracing module

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It is important that especially in challenging times, we do everything we can to make our customers’ lives a bit easier, helping them to stay safe while avoiding a complete lockdown of their operations. That’s why we have decided to come up with our new contact tracing module free of charge for our SMA customers. It is equally available for Crew Companion and for the previous solution Watcher Personnel.


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Crew Companion combines both, flexible hardware and software to offer real-time information when it’s needed most – in case of an emergency. In addition to Crew Companion’s standard personnel safety functions, the solution now offers a supportive, fully automated contact tracing module. By taking away the inconvenience of manual contact tracing, the new feature allows operators to quickly identify and isolate staff members who are suspect of an infection such as COVID-19.

The new contact tracing module not only takes away the inconvenience of a manual process but also helps operators to act socially responsible in times of the global COVID-19 pandemic. By offering fully digitised and automated contact tracing, we believe that we can add another layer of safety to the health of offshore staff while at the same time ensuring operational uptime.


By logging various parameters such as zones visited, duration of interaction with potentially infected staff, estimated time of infection and geographical team presence, a risk level can be assigned to each staff member. 

This gives an indication, based on historical data, if further measures need to be taken by the operator. For example, if staff should get tested or not in case an infection occurs on site. This way operators can take individual targeted actions rather than ordering a lockdown for the whole operation. 

The zones, risk levels and other parameters can be fully customised to comply with the individual HSE requirements of every customer. 


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