| Written by Mark Buzinkay

Identec Solutions is now a preferred supplier of the Norwegian energy sector.

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Identec Solution qualified recently to be a preferred supplier for the Norwegian Continental Shelf industry. The Magnet JQS certificate was awarded in December 2021, enabling Identec Solutions to supply their Crew Companion HSE offshore system efficiently.

Magnet JQS (previously EPIM JQS) is the only joint qualification system used by all the operators on the Norwegian North Sea. It enables efficient purchasing by EU regulations, covering most procurement needs. Magnet JQS has adapted the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) as a category standard for registering products and services, which can be searched and filtered by members of the network. The capability assessment in Magnet JQS is based on requirements in ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the expectations defined in IOGP 510 Operating Management System Framework.

The service now has over 2100+ registered supplier companies from 71 different countries, 26 registered operators and 7255 users. Companies like Equinor and others consider Magnet JQS their preferred qualification system for suppliers in the Norwegian energy sector.

Crew Companion is designed as an incident response management solution and best suited for the harsh HSE offshore conditions around Norway. It improves safety by adding trackability of personnel and efficient evacuation processes in emergencies.

Offshore oil and gas in Norway

The petroleum sector continues to be a key industry for the Norwegian economy. It accounts for 10% of GDP. Norway is the world´s 3rd largest exporter of natural gas and the 13th largest oil exporter. Indirectly, the petroleum sector contributes around 200.000 jobs throughout Norway. Its oil and liquids production is about 2 million bpd per year but is expected to rise with phase 2 of the large and new Johann Sverdrup field when it comes on stream in 2022.

Although the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) has been in use for 50 years as an offshore oil and gas play, Norway has had several significant discoveries in the past few years, including the giant Johan Sverdrup field. There are currently roughly 100 discoveries that could be considered for development.

The significant majority of Norway’s gas exports go to Europe. Norwegian gas accounts for about 20% of total European gas consumption. In addition, Norway supplies almost 40% of the UK’s gas consumption, and Norway also exports substantial amounts of gas to Germany and France.

The remaining resources on the Norwegian continental shelf are gradually becoming more difficult to produce, both technologically and commercially.  There is growing overlap with other industry and technology sectors, e.g. how to operate in extreme conditions using increasingly advanced technology, sensors and intelligent tools. Crew Companion, an advanced oil rig incident response management, is built to tackle this challenge and supply professional HSE offshore safety systems for Norway.