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Identec Solutions, a global leader in wireless sensor and localization technologies, partners with Visy Oy and Remprex on a groundbreaking project - Project Mercury - a C$11M initiative to revolutionize container data capture and tracking at Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership's (MGTP) two largest terminals, Cast and Racine. The innovative project leverages AI and OCR technology and the Identec Solutions' Terminal Tracker, aiming to overhaul manual operations, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance operational efficiency. Full-scale deployment is expected by Q2 2024, marking a significant stride towards automation and sustainability in the logistics industry.
Terminal Tracker Project in Montreal

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In a world that increasingly demands more streamlined and efficient logistics, Identec Solutions is rising to the challenge. Partnering with Visy Oy and Remprex, we're thrilled to announce that we're on a pioneering path to develop a state-of-the-art automated container data capture and tracking system for the Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership's (MGTP) leading terminals, Cast and Racine.

Welcome to Project Mercury, a revolutionary C$11M initiative that aims to fully leverage cutting-edge AI and OCR technology, slated for total deployment by Q2 2024.


Breaking New Ground

Identec Solutions has always been at the forefront of wireless localization technologies. Now, with Project Mercury, we're harnessing these capabilities to overhaul the landscape of container terminal operations. The project has been initiated with a grant of $4.8M from the Quebec Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, signifying the strategic importance and high potential of this automation effort.

Project Mercury is more than just an automation project. By integrating a suite of advanced technologies, it aims to replace manual operations, significantly mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance operational efficiency at MGTP.


Terminal Tracker: Our Flagship Solution

Our proven Terminal Tracker product is at the heart of this transformation. Known for its successful implementation at the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), one of the most significant seaports on the U.S. East Coast, Terminal Tracker is a system designed to detect container positions on container handling equipment.

The GPA is a behemoth in the world of logistics and trade. It encompasses two deepwater seaports, namely, the Port of Savannah and the Port of Brunswick, along with inland barge operations in Bainbridge and Columbus. Collectively, the GPA forms an extensive network that provides a gateway for the movement of millions of tons of cargo annually.

Integrating our Terminal Tracker technology within this vast operation required a system both robust and adaptable. The challenge was not merely about accommodating the existing infrastructure but also streamlining the complex, fast-paced logistics involved in a port of this scale.

Our Terminal Tracker system was deployed for container position detection on container handling equipment, a critical component of port operations. The system's real-time tracking capabilities improved the port's container handling efficiency, minimizing idle time and maximizing throughput. Terminal Tracker's implementation was a vital factor in the GPA's quest to enhance operational efficiency without sacrificing accuracy or safety.


Boosting East Coast Operations

The success of Terminal Tracker at the GPA is significant for the entire U.S. East Coast. The port is a key node in the regional supply chain, and improvements in its operational efficiency have far-reaching implications.

By optimizing container movement and reducing manual confirmation, Terminal Tracker has contributed to making the GPA a more efficient and effective link in the logistics chain. The port's ability to handle cargo more swiftly and accurately positively impacts the entire East Coast's trade operations, from local businesses reliant on imports and exports to multinational corporations.

The successful implementation of Terminal Tracker at the Georgia Ports Authority serves as a model for other port authorities and terminal operators worldwide. This case illustrates the potential for digital technology like Terminal Tracker to improve operational efficiency, even in complex, large-scale environments like the GPA.

As we forge ahead with Project Mercury at the Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, we carry the confidence and insights gained from our work at the GPA. The lessons learned and successes achieved fuel our drive to continue innovating, optimizing, and revolutionizing the way the world approaches logistics and port operations.

We are also delighted to collaborate with Visy Oy, who will be providing top-notch OCR and AI technology, and REMPREX, the integrators of the entire system. This trio of expertise is set to develop an automated, real-time inventory system, ushering in a new era of efficient and seamless container movement.


Making Waves in Brownfield Terminals

Brownfield terminals present unique challenges due to their existing infrastructure and operations (learn more about port automation challenges). However, automation is not just a concept for the new 'greenfield' terminals. With projects like this one at MTGP, we're demonstrating that even established 'brownfield' terminals can be transformed. By integrating our innovative systems with existing terminal operations, we can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and drastically reduce the environmental impact without the need for a complete infrastructure overhaul.

With the pilot installation of the system on an RTG and two terminal tractors already showing impressive results, we are excited to extend this technology across the Cast and Racine terminals.

Our mission with Project Mercury extends beyond just immediate cost-saving. We're here to offer enduring value and benefits. With an accurate, real-time yard inventory, terminals can enable superior planning and optimized operations, impacting fuel consumption significantly and fostering sustainable operations.

Embracing automation in logistics is no longer an option but a necessity. As Julian Galvis, VP Sales Marine & Ports Americas at Identec Solutions, puts it, "Our Terminal Tracker technology is set to be a game-changer, amplifying operational efficiency, bolstering sustainability, and guaranteeing long-term growth."

Discover how Terminal Tracker can transform your port operations just like it did for the Georgia Ports Authority. Reach out to us today or download our Terminal Tracker brochure to learn more. Let us journey together into the future of port logistics.

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