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Terminal Tracker is a crucial ingredient to create a semi-automated port. The objective is to improve container terminal operations to their full potential. Our video explains the principles, and the TTI Algeciras use case shows how things are done in reality.
Improving container terminal operations


In just ten years, TTI Algeciras became one of the Top10 performing container terminals worldwide. Their relentless focus on process optimization and a committed workforce helped them become a very successful player in the international shipping industry.

Well, how did they do it?

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TTI Algeciras was not built as a fully-automated container terminal (read more about port automation challenges). Instead, flexibility and efficiency as the paramount objectives lead to a semi-automated port concept. The core of semi-automation is a Position Detection System (PDS) that informs the TOS real-time about current container positions. It's a clever concept: the last known position of a container is stored in the TOS, and every move updates the TOS automatically. No containers damaged or lost, no time wasted searching.

It is a delicate balance between semi-automation and full automation: To what degree of flexibility do you want to run your container terminal operations? At TTI Algeciras, it was the right decision to automate repetitive, monotone tasks that demanded high accuracy and reliability but improve process performance constantly by enhancing possibilities and changing the way things are done in port.

Miguel Angel Sanchez from TTI Algeciras: “And this is exactly why we chose Terminal Tracker. In our operational model, we needed to close the missing link between the automated processes in the yard and the non-automated, driver-related jobs. That was crucial. Without Terminal Tracker, we would not have been able to be ready for our first vessel, which arrived on time and was served successfully. The first of many to come”.

Our latest animated video explains how semi-automation works and what role Terminal Tracker, our port automation solution, plays in an efficient, reliable container terminal. Planning, operations and monitoring go hand-in-hand with a successful terminal - like TTI Algeciras.

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