| Written by Geir Nerbø

Blast mitigation is an essential concern for mining and tunnelling. We compiled a list of practices how to mitigate blasts to increase safety in mines and tunnels.
Mining Blast Mitigation

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Blast mitigation is an essential concern for mining and tunnelling. A blast mitigation capability is achieved when all elements or compositions of an explosion and hazards are known. To help protect your facilities and assets, as well as people, from the impacts of blasts, use these practices:

Safety is a top priority

Safety is an integral part of your design process. What makes a project/task risky? What can enhance operational safety in the mine/tunnel? (Safety Training: Don't waste your time with ineffective methods).

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a way to understand the steps you need to take to mitigate blasts. This involves identifying the potential threats and the damage that blasts might cause. This risk assessment will give you the information you need to determine the best course of action for protecting the stability of mines from explosions.

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Right materials

Technology and materials used in creating mines and constructing tunnels are another critical consideration. Some materials withstand blast impacts better than others; some can either worsen the effect of a blast or reduce it. Research on materials building mines and tunnels is essential to understand the consequences.

Blast Mitigation Products

For advanced protection of your mines, assets and people, use products designed specifically for blast mitigation. Ensure that the materials and types of products you use fit your needs. This also includes containment systems.

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Security Processes

Security processes can also help protect your workforce from explosions: Establishing a safe perimeter, screening or evacuating people before the blast happens. Conduct background checks on new employees and perhaps even those who are visiting your facility. Miner visibility: Monitor where your people are.


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