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The use of Reefer Runner will improve reefer operations and give staff more time to provide value-added services.

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Lustenau, Austria – IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has completed the installation of their Reefer Runner solution for 770 reefer points at OPCSA in the port of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. OPCSA will offer now the world’s most advanced reefer monitoring and management solution for its customers.

Because of handling high volumes of containers, it is obvious to use a fully automated solution for reefer monitoring. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ Reefer Runner application allows real-time reefer logistics and data monitoring. It supplies a seamless interface to the OPCSA TOS (Navis N4) with effortless alarm handling and custom reports based on available data. Eliminating manual monitoring efforts from the process boosts efficiency and reduces human error.

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reefer operations at OPCSA

We try to optimize our resources as much as possible, with the aim not only of reducing costs, but mainly of satisfying the immediate needs of our clients. Reliable, fast and fully documented reefer handling is important”, says Jorge Nunez Hernández, Project coordinator and TOS administrator at OPCSA, and adds: “Reefer Runner provides also the necessary relief for our experienced staff. We can monitor refers remotely now. This is crucial as we don’t have to interfere with the vehicles operating in the yard, increasing safety and reducing incidents.”

Continuing to improve efficiency while preserving flexibility, autonomy and speed, OPCSA is destined to stay competitive and successful. Reefer Runner is an essential step in OPCSA’s quest to increase productivity. Following IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ mission to reduce the wastefulness of precious resources worldwide: Reefer Runner guards refrigerated containers, avoiding spoiling transported goods and reducing costs for everyone involved in the global supply chain. This is accomplished by 24/7 automated monitoring of all reefers individually, transmitting temperature, humidity and energy consumption data, and raising alarms when necessary. Reefer Runner makes reefer management look easy. Undoubtedly, OPCSA will have a better process for importing and exporting refrigerated cargo, reducing potential claims to a minimum.

OPCSA is one of three terminals in the Port of Las Palmas and has been working since 1986 as the first fully independent stevedoring company in town, developing the first modern container terminal on the island. It remained innovative to increase the handling of the yearly volume of cargo. Regional commerce and the town profited from this development.

OPCSA consolidated itself as a point of reference after years of constant evolution, becoming a leading company in the loading/unloading sector, transforming the Port of Las Palmas into a logistics base for South-South and North-South communications.


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