| Written by Mark Buzinkay

We’re a local business with a global reach, a dedicated team with a big spirit... Meet the members of our #IDENTECfamily: Amina Juma.
IdentecFamily Amina Juma

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Today, I had the pleasure of chatting with Amina, photographer, cook and dedicated traveller.

Mark: Hi Amina, thank you for your time for this portrait. I know you are busy, so thanks again! First, let's introduce you to our readers. Where do you live, and why do you like it?

Amina: Hi Mark, of course. That's simple: I live in a cosy flat in Lustenau, very close to work. I love the area; it's surrounded by beautiful nature, perfect for an after-work walk. You can see it from my office window – it starts on the other side of the road. It's a protected natural habitat, the right atmosphere for a quiet promenade.

Mark: The "Ried", as they call it, is a favourite for many people. Still, it doesn't get crowded at all.

Amina: Absolutely. You get away from everything relatively quick.

Mark: What about your work? Tell us a bit about some exciting aspects of your career.

Amina: I started my career as an office clerk, did my apprenticeship and worked for a short time for a company in Dornbirn before joining IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. That was back in 2012! At that time, I was part of the Operations department. It never got boring with the team; it was entertaining. I switched a couple of years later to the Sales Operations department. I wanted a new challenge.

Mark: The Sales Operations team is female-only, and the Operations are guys-only. Tell us more!

Amina (laughs): Nothing against our girls' department; I am super happy with it. Guys are just different; they are always up for fun. When things get too serious, they always have a joke to share, and I liked that.


Mark: So what do you do exactly at Identec Solutions? When did you start?

Amina: I started in January 2012. More than ten years ago! I am responsible for creating all project orders and communicating with the PRS (professional services) team. In addition, I take care of specific customs documents, complete repair orders and coordinate tasks with our office in Norway.

Mark: How is your Norwegian?

Amina (laughs): Oh, very bad! I could definitely improve it. The only word I know is "tusen takk" 😃

Mark: We have german classes here in Lustenau for all non-native colleagues. We should have one for Norwegian too! So what do you like the most about your job at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS?

Amina: I am happy to work in an international company with people of different backgrounds. I like the variety of international projects, which is very interesting.

Mark: What was your favourite project so far?

Amina: Mhhmm, I don't really have a favourite one, but I prefer the ones with a smooth workflow for all of us, including our customers.

Mark: Do you have a guiding principle at work?

Amina: Rise & Shine, that's maybe the shortest version. At IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, we have 5 core company values: Visionary, Open, Responsible, Leading and Global. For me, being open is the most meaningful. I learned from my past that I should always remain open to new things, whether no matter is private or at work. When being open, I am ready to learn new tasks in my job and gain more insights, which is very helpful.

Mark: Are you referring to your experiences in East Africa?

Amina: Right. Being open was a crucial step to travelling there and teaching kids in a local school. This was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I accepted the challenge. The secret is your attitude. I could make it. You can make it. Being open makes my life much richer.

Mark: Sounds fantastic! Where is the school?

Amina: In Zanzibar, Tanzania

Mark: Amazing place. What was the most rewarding part of your tasks over there?

Amina: To see the kids being happy, safe and healthy. And having fun in school.


Mark: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Amina: To see if a project is successfully completed. When our PRS team shares Go Live Announcements. I follow their messages and pictures from these different places. To know you have been part of it is really moving. And of course, the daily coffee break with the girls 😊

Mark: Is there a project you would like to visit one day?

Amina: SMITCO in Santa Marta, Colombia, must be interesting to see. This is such a big port, and the beach there isn't bad either.

Mark: Let's see what we can do! In your free time, what do you usually like to do?

Amina: I like photography! I used to work as a wedding photographer as a side job, but these days I take pictures only in my free time and mostly when travelling. I also love to cook or bake for family and friends and sometimes for #IDENTECfamily members. However, my true passion is travelling; nothing better than exploring new countries and cultures and enjoying all kinds of local food.

Mark: Any favourite countries?

Amina: Oh, that's difficult to answer, but for sure, Kenya and Tanzania are one of my favourites. I have my roots there, and it always feels like home to me. Also liked Turkey, especially Istanbul, a lot; such a historical city and fantastic architecture, perfect for taking photos.

Mark: Great place, indeed! Well, thank you again for the interview and enjoy your next trip!

Amina: You're welcome.


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