| Written by Mark Buzinkay

We’re a local business with a global reach, a dedicated team with a big spirit... Meet the members of our #IDENTECfamily: Joel Reyes.

IdentecFamily Joel Reyes

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This month, I talked to Joel about his life at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. To sum it up: The US native from Houston, Texas, loves Korean food and challenging projects.

Mark: Hello Joel! Thank you for your time for this portrait. For starters, can you describe to me where do you live and what do you like about that place?

Joel: Hi Mark. Sure. I currently reside in Houston, Texas. I love Houston due to its diversity in culture and ethnicity. It is full of culture, great food, and friendly people, making Houston a unique city in America.

Mark: What is your favourite food? Texas is known for its appetite for barbecue, right?

Joel: For me, it is Korean food. It can not be spicy enough!

Mark: Besides Korean food, tell me a bit about some interesting aspects of your career.

Joel: I have been in the maritime industry since 2010. That is over ten years of experience. I started as a gate clerk at the Port of Houston, worked my way up as a senior consultant with Navis supporting N4 implementation projects, and now implementing IDENTEC solutions all over the Americas. Because of my background, I can work with ease with our current customers giving them operational advice, TOS experience expertise, and suggest ways to improve in business while reducing cost.


Mark: What is your main responsibility at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS and when did you start?

Joel: I joined the IDENTEC family in 2018, after 5 years with the Terminal operating system provider NAVIS. A win-win situation for me and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. As the VP of the Americas, I lead and implement our solutions all over the Americas.

Mark: Both continents? Brilliant! Which trip did you like most?

Joel: Going to Colombia! I love their food, enjoy the weather, people and culture. I have been in Cartagena to install Reefer Runner at the SPRC terminal. I will return in November this year to Colombia, this time to Santa Marta.

Mark: You enjoy travelling as I see. What do you like the most about your job?

Joel: I am a heavy believer in our products. As our company motto says: ''Because it works'', I have seen our products work by improving manual to automated terminal processing while reducing the possibility of human error, making our customers efficient.

Mark: What is your guiding principle at work, your inner compass?

Joel: We have pride in the set of principles and guidance we preached within our team. We love to keep a personal relationship with our customers. Whether that is through text messages, emails, or direct calls, we do all we can to meet our customer demands through positive results and stability.


Mark: As you know, we have five core company values at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS – “Visionary”, “Open”, “Responsible”, “Leading” and “Global”. Which one is for you the most significant? And how do you live it?

Joel: I would say “Responsibility”. Responsibility is knowing that no matter how bad things appear, there is always a possibility to express your truth in the face of a challenge. Response-ability is the source of power and integrity, the power to influence your situation and the integrity to do so in alignment with your values.

Mark: Besides the joy of travel and the possibility to grow through challenges, what is the most rewarding part of your job?

Joel: The most rewarding aspect of my job is developing my skills and helping to foster the growth of my team. In IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, we all share the same vision and dedication to the mission. That mission is to ease the work style of our customer base. Simultaneously, my colleagues motivate and challenge me through the advanced changes in technology. I love the puzzles we solve, the advice I provide to my clients, the complex situations we get involved in and can provide value to management. Providing me with the opportunity to coach my staff, see them grow and develop as they can tackle more and more challenging tasks and take on incremental responsibilities.

Mark: Besides your work at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, what do you do in your free time – any hobbies or passions?

Joel: I love mountain bike riding (MTB). Part of this passion is to discover new itineraries and hideaways where I can meet locals most genuinely.

Mark: Joel, thank you very much for your insights and your time for this interview!

Joel: Welcome!