| Written by Angela Lampl

We’re a local business with a global reach and a dedicated team with a big spirit...

Meet the members of our #IDENTECfamily: Jordi Asensio

Portrait: Jordi Asensio

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Angi: Hi Jordi! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Jordi: Hi Angi, thanks for having me. I'm really curious about your questions.

Angi: Then let's dive right into those. My first question: Can you describe to me where you live (city and home) and what you like about that place?

Jordi: I live in Lustenau, very close to the border with Switzerland. Compared to where I come from in Barcelona, I found here a nice "Countryside" feeling, with milder summers and a nice and snowy winter. The busy life stops here at 19 hours, and you can dedicate time to your family.

Angi: What surprised you the most when you moved here? What differs the most?

Jordi: The people in Vorarlberg are, in general, more quiet, cautious and respect your boundaries more than in Barcelona. They are louder there, tend to have more physical contact, and in conversations, they're always interrupting each other. It can be a bit stressful. Here I found more peace. But, in general, the culture is not that different. We're all Europeans, after all.


Angi: Sure, we are all humans, and that's what I like about the people here. There's more space for finishing sentences, haha. But now let's talk about some of the interesting aspects of your career.

Jordi: I will always define myself as an engineer. My career started providing technical support to GSM/GPS devices and eventually transitioned to technical sales. After a few years, I decided to pivot again and focus on an engineering role; I liked being in touch with the customers, but a pure sales role was not what I truly wanted to focus my career on. I went back to college, and once I finished my new degree, I found a great opportunity in the Professional Services department at Identec Solutions, where I had the chance to deploy automation solutions all over the world.


Angi: Very impressive! What do you do at Identec Solutions now, and when did you start?

Jordi: I started in 2011, as a Project Engineer. I participated in the sales, design and deployment of multiple automation solutions all over the world, mainly in the Automotive and Marine & Ports industries. Eventually, I became the Product Manager of Reefer Runner, a solution for the Marine & Ports vertical.


Angi: And what do you like the most about your job?

Jordi: I'm like the "CEO of a product." It is a technical job, but it also requires creativity and interaction with customers. I feel like my decisions matter.


Angi: They do! Speaking of decisions, do you have a guiding principle at work?

Jordi: When it comes to product decisions, listen to the experts, but steer the ship to where you want it to go.


Angi: It's always good to listen to the experts, and thankfully, we have a whole team of them! Now, onto my next question: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Jordi: Positive feedback from customers after integrating our solutions into the core processes of their business.


Angi: Feedback is always important for further steps! At Identec Solutions, we have five core company values: Visionary, Open, Responsible, Leading, and Global. Which one is the most significant to you, and how do you live it?

Jordi: I can't really choose one above the others. You need all of them to be successful.


Angi: Very true! Do you have any tips on how to be successful or how to achieve your goals easily?

Jordi: I am a customer-oriented person. I always set the goal of making things right so the customer is happy. This is key in teamwork—working together to achieve that goal.


Angi: A strong team is very important. Now onto your time besides working. What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies or passions?

Jordi: When I am not at work, family takes most of my time. But I must confess I rarely miss an F.C. Barcelona game. I am a huge football fan.


Angi: Family is also very important to me, but do you play football as well, or are you just watching?

Jordi: I used to. Football is a contact sport, and it is also heavy on the knees and ankles, so I stopped in my late 30s. I am starting to play again a bit now that my son is growing up. Let's see how long can I keep up with that.


Angi: Good luck in this case! Haha, no, just some fun, but enjoy it! Thank you so much for your time and for answering my questions!

Jordi: I'm going to haha. Thank you as well for asking me!