| Written by Frederike Ruedisser

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has been fitting out more than 40 container terminals around the world with its customized wireless communication and localization solutions for many years. The company’s remarkable customer stack speaks for itself.
Reefer Runner

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“Our  Reefer Runner solution is now in use in many countries around the world – which by itself shows how international our business has become. The solution guarantees undamaged transport of sensitive goods by monitoring up to 40 parameters of reefer containers, such as temperature and humidity. That’s why the world’s largest ports rely on us”, explains Stephan Piworus, Global Vice President Sales.

With the latest project win, we have won the second largest port in the world as a customer. Soon, this port will be expanded to become a mega-port, thus outstripping the currently largest port in Shanghai. By the end of 2021, when the project is scheduled for completion, several thousand reefer points will be monitored by Reefer Runner. This marks another important step towards market leadership, alongside other well-known projects such as APMT Vado (Italy), DP World Callao (Peru), Puerto Central (Chile), Posorja (Ecuador) or the Termont Terminal in Montreal (Canada).

"The monitoring of refrigerated containers is a relatively new field of activity for us as a company, but its success proves us right. We will intensify our focus on this application in the coming years to further expand our market position. Our products not only play an important role in the retrofitting of existing ports, but we also attract more and more attention in so-called greenfield projects. Our customer base is constantly growing", Piworus continues.




High-tech monitoring also for smaller terminals and fleets

We are also constantly developing our existing Reefer Runner solution for automated monitoring of reefer containers. In the future, the solution will take advantage of the 5G mobile communications standard, making it mobile-ready. Thanks to the real-time monitoring of reefer containers in transit, transports can be guaranteed without interrupting the cold chain, regardless of the manufacturer type of container. This eliminates the need for manual monitoring. This not only serves to increase efficiency, but also minimizes the risk for the carrier.

A 5G-based prototype has already been in use in inland waterway transport between Basel and Rotterdam on the Rhine for almost two years. It will also enable individual use in smaller terminals, as well as in road and rail transport.

"Our system does not require battery replacement, which is a major advantage. Previous solutions had too high energy consumption and therefore required frequent battery changes, which is expensive and often not even possible in practice. In addition, the new solution can be used flexibly, even temporarily if desired. Reefer Runner thus becomes a real game changer", explains Jordi Asensio, Product Manager at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS.

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