| Written by Mark Buzinkay

As mining has always been a hazardous workplace, safety is a prime concern. Safety laws have been essential to provide fundamental layers of regulation but failed to address ignoring or neglecting behaviour.
miner safety culture

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Safety laws are just part of the solution to creating a safe environment for miners. There are many examples of mining disasters showing safety related regulations in place, but no laws were enforced, and there were no follow-ups. Mining companies in parts of Asia, Africa and South America do not follow guidelines or there is a  severe lack of preparedness and oversight.

In our latest whitepaper, we talk about miner safety culture. Workplace safety isn't about avoiding legal violations and fines. It's about taking care of each other. A positive safety culture guarantees a proactive take on health and safety. The team is personally invested in their safety and the safety of others. Not only do they follow policy, but they do so willingly with the mindset of looking out for ways to increase site safety, reducing risk and the number of safety incidents that occur. If this is your organisation's safety culture, people who ignore health and safety rules are reported for breaking the rules.

Download our whitepaper and learn about:

  • The benefits of a positive safety culture

  • Suggestions how to implement a miner safety culture step by step

  • Reasons for failing safety regulations