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Contecon Guayaquil S.A. (CGSA) successfully integrated Terminal Tracker as part of its port development program to revolutionise its yard operation visibility and planning efficiency.

Port Development Terminal Tracker CGSA

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About the Project

Lustenau, Austria / Guayaquil, Ecuador - CGSA has recently marked a significant milestone by going live with Identec Solutions' Terminal Tracker. This strategic move within its port development visions has empowered the planning team at CGSA with unparalleled visibility and real-time awareness of yard activities. The project was carried out in phases. As it does not interfere with day-to-day usage and machine operation, it started with a single Rubber-Tyred Gantry (RTG) crane. Terminal Tracker demonstrated from the beginning the promised capability to deliver accurate stow positions, container weights, and other vital information to the Terminal Operating System (TOS). CGSA embarked on a full-scale implementation across its RTG fleet after a successful first phase (learn more about terminal automation).

Martin Moreda, COO of CGSA, highlighted the project's transformative impact, stating, "The implementation of Terminal Tracker represents a dynamic change to our operations. It has increased our operational visibility and enhanced the efficiency and security of cargo handling within our terminal."

Julian Galvis, VP Sales Marine & Ports Americas at Identec Solutions, added, "Our collaboration with CGSA showcases Terminal Tracker's strength in optimizing terminal operations. We are proud to support CGSA in its mission to improve service quality and operational efficiency."

This collaboration between CGSA and Identec Solutions demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to port operations, leveraging technology to achieve higher efficiency, safety, and productivity. The successful implementation of Terminal Tracker sets a new standard for ports globally, positioning CGSA at the forefront of innovative operational management.


About Contecon Guayaquil (CGSA)

Nestled close to the most important export zones of the country, Contecon Guayaquil (CGSA) stands as an example of efficiency and capacity within the world's premier banana-exporting harbour. This multipurpose terminal is currently undergoing significant expansions, including the port and approach channel, to accommodate the new-Panamax class ships, signaling a leap towards modern maritime capabilities. Additionally, a monumental investment of USD 1 billion is fueling the construction of a highway, complete with port access roads, enhancing connectivity and logistical flow.

Positioned strategically, CGSA is Ecuador's largest and most sophisticated terminal, making it the port of choice for many due to its close proximity to the nation's export heartlands and seamless access to Quito, the capital. This terminal is not only pivotal for its size but also for its unmatched infrastructure geared towards refrigerated cargo – vital for the banana trade, which is a cornerstone of Ecuador's economy.

The terminal's offerings are comprehensive, boasting the largest reefer (refrigerated container) infrastructure in the country, unparalleled road access, and the highest number of gates. These features ensure efficient truck turnarounds and heightened security, making CGSA a linchpin in the logistical chain. A purpose-designed logistics facility (ZAL) is also part of CGSA's arsenal, aimed at streamlining the preparation of reefers while minimizing the need for additional trucking, handling, and the associated risks of reefer malfunctioning.

With Ecuador leading the global stage as the largest exporter of bananas – a trade valued at $2.6 billion annually – CGSA's role is undeniably critical. Its proximity to the main banana farms, within 250km, coupled with its superior reefer infrastructure, positions CGSA as an indispensable ally to the banana export sector, underlining the terminal's importance in bolstering Ecuador's economic landscape.

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