| Written by Julian Galvis

Reefer Runner can now interface and share information with Tidework’s MainSail

Reefer Runner and Tideworks work together

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Identec Solutions' Reefer Runner and Tideworks Technology flagship, TOS MainSail, have been successfully integrated. Following the requirements of terminal operators in different parts of the world, Identec Solutions developed an interface between Reefer Runner and MainSail TOS, according to Tideworks technical specifications.

Tideworks is a full-service provider of comprehensive terminal operating system solutions worldwide for marine and intermodal terminal operations. The company helps more than 120 facilities run their operations more efficiently and profitably.

Tideworks, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, was launched in 1999 following 40 years of experience as the technology division for Carrix, Inc., which now operates more cargo terminals than any other company globally.

Reefer Runner can now interface and share information with Tidework’s MainSail to create and execute connection / disconnection work orders, automate the monitoring of reefers, and track the container status from the moment that comes into the terminal to the moment that is gated out or loaded on a vessel. It's an automated remote reefer monitoring system.

Jordi Asensio, Product Manager Reefer Runner:  "This is a significant step forward for our customers. All Container Terminal operators that use MainSail can now easily benefit from this development and connect without effort the Reefer Runner management system to their TOS, providing complete visibility of their reefer fleet in real-time."

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