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In 2020, TTI Algeciras was named one of the Top10 performing container terminals worldwide. This is the story of a semi-automated port terminal and his way to success.
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In 2009, there was no main building, no operations at TTI Algeciras. Only an arrival date for the first vessel: June 2010. In a remarkably short time, the port became operational and delivered what was promised: efficient, reliable container handling processes that manage assets like a conductor his orchestra - through a position detection system installed at the terminal.


A terminal is always a complex arrangement of elements, but TTI Algeciras was the first semi-automated terminal in the Mediterranean which made the project even more challenging. One of the many puzzle pieces in this maze of operational steps is the real-time positioning of containers and vehicles (PDS), the core of a semi-automated terminal. The project team around Miguel Angel Sanchez Medina entrusted Terminal Tracker with this task (learn more about terminal automation).

What followed is a remarkable story: in 2020, TTI Algeciras became one of the Top10 container terminals worldwide in terms of productivity. But this is not, where TTI Algeciras wants it to stop: "What you want are performance and safety, but above all, it is reliability for your customer that counts", says Miguel Angel.


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TTI Algeciras Container Yard Operations Success Story

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