| Written by Mark Buzinkay

With the rapid advancement of technology empowering the modern workforce, asset tracking is more important than ever. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has recognized this and has released version 1.7 of Asset Agent, an RTLS-based solution that promises to improve production processes and reduce material waste. This solution is designed to integrate with any IT landscape and provides real-time visibility of materials in the production process, automated processes, pick-by-light functionality to avoid spoiled material, and more.
Asset Agent 1.7

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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' Asset Agent is a powerful asset-tracking solution designed to help businesses optimize the security, performance, and efficiency of their assets. Whatever your asset tracking needs are, Asset Agent provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution.

Asset Agent allows businesses to track and manage their assets accurately. This includes the tracking of assets in warehouses, production lines, cars, and trucks, allowing businesses to access live data and gain insight into the whereabouts of their assets. Asset Agent also allows businesses to understand asset performance, predict maintenance needs, and plan ahead for future needs.

The latest version of Asset Agent offers a number of important features, including:

  • An alarm functionality for misplaced material (pick-by-light) after sitting idle for a specified time
  • An expiry timer for materials in a specific area to manage your stock by first in, first out principle

A full overview of Asset Agent 1.7 can be found here

The main benefits of locating technologies include fully automated processes, digital tracking of orders, goods, tools and vehicles, complete process analysis and optimisation, and reduced costs. 

 In times of disrupted global supply chains and high costs of raw materials, process optimisation and automation of factories are effective strategies to counter the current challenges:


"With our latest release, 1.7 of Asset Agent, we improved the productivity of manufacturing plants again. Reducing material waste and optimising the entire process chain saves money and resources. In my view, it's another step toward sustainable processes in manufacturing with a low investment. Moreover, it demonstrates that resourceful is the new black", says Christian Aadal, Product Manager of Asset Agent at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. 

Overall, the latest version of Asset Agent from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS provides businesses with a powerful asset-tracking solution designed to help them maximize their assets' security, performance, and efficiency. With Asset Agent, businesses can easily and accurately track their assets, gain insight into asset performance, and secure their assets. This makes Asset Agent an invaluable asset-tracking solution for businesses looking to improve their operations.


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