| Written by Mark Buzinkay

The Autostadt puts the Volkswagen Group’s values into visual form - Customer Experience. Asset Agent might not be visible to the visitor, but behind the scenes it plays an important role to deliver the right vehicle at the right time at the right place.
Volkswagen Asset Agent

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Wolfsburg's so-called Autostadt (car city) is nothing less than a celebration stage for the motorised vehicle. Fans and customers experience an automotive world in a league of their own. And next door, one of the giant car factories in Germany, the main plant of Volkswagen, a complex system of more than 60,000 workers and employees assembling and finishing the individual car in numerous steps. Asset Agent plays a less known but significant role in this process.

Volkswagen' approach towards customer experience is best explained with a visit to the Autostadt. To date more than three million vehicles have been handed over there, which makes it the world’s largest car delivery centre. In addition this extraordinary automobile park has become a favourite excursion destination for young and old automobile fans.


Situated in 28 hectares of parkland, architecture, design and nature create the environment for its many and diverse attractions. In summer the Autostadt becomes a paradise for mini-holidays, during the colder time of the year a winter wonderland. Year-round attractions include the “Zeithaus” Museum which is home to the classic cars that have left their mark on automobile history, eight pavilions which house VW’s various car brands, and the All-terrain track.

To reach Autostadt by car, take the A2 Autobahn (which stretches from Hanover to Berlin), turn off at the intersection A 39, continue to the Wolfsburg-West exit, and follow the signs to the Autostadt. The Deutsche Bahn railway line also services Wolfsburg.

To learn how Asset Agent is part of Volkswagen' efforts to create the best-possible customer experience, continue here...


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