Visibility of accurate object locations delivers process quality and productivity

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Asset Agent is a reliable and robust solution which always provides the accurate location of vehicles and assets. This RTLS solution offers the following benefits:

  • Targeted tracking of finished vehicles and assets
  • Supports zero defect strategy of modern production facilities
  • “Finding” instead of “Searching” to reduce throughput times and enhance logistics processes
  • Monitor and improve production efficiency and capacity
  • Reduce bottlenecks

How Asset Agent works - in a nutshell!



  • Enhanced productivity through visibility
  • Increased planning accuracy with transparent and real-time data
  • Improved process security through the elimination of manual transactions
  • Minimizes your downtime through high reliability of read and write cycles, in fast paced environments
  • Highly competitive, cost efficient solution


Parking Lot Management

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Real Time Locating System

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ Asset Agent is an ideal solution to establish reliable control processes as well as avoiding production bottlenecks or poor capacity utilization. With the help of our solution, downtime due to lengthy searches, belongs in the past. We locate/identify objects reliably and with help of a 360° visible LED, we easily uncover the current whereabouts of the required object.


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