Innovative Wireless Sensor Network Enables Powerful Business Intelligence

Save the lives of personnel in harsh and remote environments before they're in danger. Find valuable assets such as vehicles and cargo before they are lost. Know the precise location and condition of goods in transit. Be alerted when your refrigerated container is getting too warm.
You can with the...

SensorSMART Ecosystem

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS SensorSMART Platform leverages the power and functionality of RFID, RTLS and wireless sensing into one feature rich network. An ecosystem of low-power, long-range sensors and infrastructure, the SensorSMART Platform actively senses, gathers and instantly transmits critical information to a powerful processor...

Proven Value

...and communicates it to the appropriate App. Designed to deliver absolute connectivity in even the harshest indoor and outdoor environments; the SensorSMART Platform delivers real measureable value for the essential...

Last Mile of Asset Communication

The SensorSMART Platform delivers the final stretch of connectivity to enable real-time asset communication. Easily integrated with existing technologies such as Wi-Fi, GSM and Satellite, the SensorSMART Platform bridges the gap between people and assets to enable an unprecedented level of business intelligence.

Industry Specific Expertise

As a complete solution provider to the Marine & Intermodal, Oil & Gas, Tunnel & Mining industries, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' SensorSMART Platform provides the robust foundation necessary to drive increased operational visibility and control. Deployed on every continent and in over 40 countries, the SensorSMART Platform is widely used by the world's most demanding industries...

Select, Deploy or Create

Introducing the world's first multi-industry App Shop. From the wireless measurement of beverage pours to monitoring the sustained shock and body temperature of an athlete, to protecting personnel in hazardous environments – SensorSMART Apps deliver award-winning innovation, performance and reliability.