IDENTEC SOLUTIONS welcomes Jens-Petter Haugen as Product Manager

March 2019
Jens-Petter changed from his previous PRS role in the technical engineer department at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, which he started in May 2013, to a new ...

Finden statt suchen – RTLS (Real Time Location System) in der Fahrzeugproduktion

March 2019
Die Herausforderungen in der Fahrzeugproduktion beschränken sich nicht allein auf die Fertigungsstraßen. Der Einbau der letzten Komponenten in da ...

On the Road with RTLS (Real Time Location System) in Vehicle Production

January 2019
The intricacies of vehicle production are not just confined to the assembly line. The assembly of the final component part into the vehicle trig ...

Visibility Delivered.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is a global provider of wireless solutions that provide visibility aiming to improve efficiency and safety as well as security in industrial operating environments. Our industry-specific solutions are based on a robust wireless network used by the world’s leading blue-chip companies in the Oil & Gas, Marine & Ports, Automotive and Mining & Tunneling industries as well as in other harsh environments.

Based on long standing expertise, our highly experienced and motivated team is available to customers worldwide from our offices in Austria, Norway, Germany, USA and Australia. This global footprint allows us to provide state-of-the-art solutions, short response times and close support for client operations.

For almost two decades, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has made pioneering efforts that have led directly to the emerging megatrends of connecting machines and ‘things’ via the internet.