Modular Design of Asset Agent

When it comes to production, your main goal is to achieve efficiency by standardizing your processes. However, you also recognize the importance of flexibility because the market demands constant innovation and customers expect personalized products. With Asset Agent's modular design, you can continuously optimize your processes while maintaining the flexibility you need.


Modules - your choice

You have the freedom to select and integrate individual modules of Asset Agent independently,  tailoring the solution to your specific requirements and preferences.



Automatic Identification Module

The Automatic Identification Module is used at production machines to identify the asset being inserted, as well as its material type and expiration date. This information is then validated according to the FEFO (First Expire First Out) strategy, ensuring that the process remains compliant at all times.

Once connected to the wireless Asset Agent transponder, all necessary data becomes visible.


Zone-based location Module

When you need to know the exact location of your assets in real time within your factory, the most efficient way to do so is by dividing it into zones. These zones can be thought of as fences with gates that allow passage in and out of the area. By monitoring the gates, you can gain a clear picture of when assets enter and leave each specific zone.

Always knowing the position of all material inside your plant allows for better planning, and eliminating unproductive bar-code scans and paper & pencil processes.


Point-based Location Module

Once you connect to the Wireless Asset Agent Transponder, all the assets will be available in your digital landscape with a high precision accuracy. This system automates processes by providing constant real-time positions, thus eliminating delays and avoiding costly planning errors. The Asset Agent RTLS transponder is easy to install and requires no maintenance - not to mention that its exchangeable battery can last up to five years!


GPS-based Location Module

The GPS-based location module comes with a minimum of necessary infrastructure: zero. It is low cost but highly accurate using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to determine precise location coordinates of your assets outdoors. It provides real-time positioning information, enabling seamless tracking and locating applications in various industries, such as finished-goods logistics and car terminals among others.

Look for Asset Agent Car Terminals (RoRo) and Asset Agent Vehicle Logistics.


Pick-by-light Module

Thanks to its “pick-by-light“ functionality, your team locates all materials visually, instead of having to search. Always knowing the exact position of all material inside your plant allows for better planning, and eliminating tasks that consumes at lot of time from the workers such as scanning barcodes or walking around amongst the assets to find the right one.

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