The Container Handover module builds upon the Container Inventory module by adding various positioning and vehicle identification technologies, allowing Terminal Tracker to link container events from one Container Handling Equipment (CHE) to another.

Container Handover in Terminal Tracker

The primary benefit is ensuring that the yard inventory is as accurate as possible by removing all assumptions and manual inputs related to the position a container was lifted from or dropped to. The Container Handover module can automatically identify if a rear-mounted container or a forward-mounted container was lifted from or dropped to an Internal Truck, reporting the handover to the Terminal Operating System (TOS) by updating the position of the correct container without human interaction. 

While there are no specific Container Handover components within the Terminal Tracker user interface, the additional features to support the container handling events allow for increased accuracy of the reporting tasks, performance metrics, historical and real-time map experiences.

Container Handover Process

Using the Container Handover module, the Terminal Tracker On-Board Controller (OBC) monitors the PLC for the height of the spreader and a change in the twistlock pins. When the twistlock pins (un)latch to a container and the spreader is at a chassis handling height, the OBC will generate an event that includes that container location, rear or forward, calculated by the system and the Internal Truck ID. 
At the Terminal Tracker server, the event is pushed to the TOS, automatically completing the Truck job step and updating the container’s position.

The Container Handover module has been designed to cover all operational use cases. It is agnostic to the position of the internal truck orientation with respect to the no-truck container handler. The design allows for reporting of the following container events:

  • Front 20ft container handover events
  • Rear 20ft container handover events
  • Central 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft container handover events
  • Twin 20ft container handover event
Terminal Tracker Automatic Container Handover

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